Friday, October 4, 2013

And now, about my book . . .

“Try everything,” she said, this fellow author. We were comparing notes the other day and agreeing how difficult it is to promote our books. I told her that, after the mystery writer’s convention I’d just attended, I was tempted to give up and simply be a fan. I wouldn't stop writing; I’d still compose essays, poems, and short stories. But books? Here are some of the thoughts that go through a writer’s mind when deciding whether or not to keep it up.

1.      There are approximately 15 gazillion books out there. How in the world will anyone find mine?

2.      Even with a royalty contract most authors don’t make much money on their books. Why? Marketing, among other things. Most of us spend more on promotion and getting our names out there than we make, at least in the beginning. I know. It’s part of the game.

3.      Glory. Fleeting – like a chipmunk darting back into her little hole in the ground fleeting.

4.      Where writers live. The really successful ones live in their heads. All. The. Time.

Some have found my book and loved, or at least, liked it. I’m humbled and happy about that. It tells me I can put a story together that others enjoy reading. My mother was a great story teller and it helped make her more dear to me. A wonderful thing.

It’s true, I've made more money with other writing than my mystery, but how much does that matter? It’s the constant “buy my book, buy my book” mentality I have a horrible time with. I don’t talk about it to friends and family much anymore. Kind of counter productive, but at least they don’t run the other way when they see me.

Glory makes me a little nervous. I mean, what does that require of one? It might mean my hair would have to look good every day, that someone may snap my picture while I’m chowing a burger, and that four extra pounds I just gained? It would look like twenty on camera. Nah, not for me, even the fleeting kind. 

I do live in my head a lot and have a vivid imagination. But I want to be out there with my family, shop with my girlfriends, help at the church tag sale, sing in the choir and all that good stuff, too. And I’m not always gathering fodder; about half the time I’m just enjoying life.

So, that leaves “trying everything” as a challenge. But today I’m reminding you, right here on my blog, that I've written a book, The Red Shoelace Killer – A Minnie Markwood Mystery. A story from my head with characters you may like or even love. It’s a comic-cozy. A light read with some really good reviews on Amazon. That’s where you can buy it as well as at Barnes & Noble, Untreed Reads, at Good Buy Books on Route 9 & 20 in Rensselaer, at the Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany, at Chatham Flowers in Chatham, from the publisher Mainly Murder Press, or from me. And how about that awesome cover up there on the right?

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat why not put my mystery in your best friend’s  hat?

Okay, it’s beyond lame, but it’s also the end of the commercial. Whew!

PS: Book two is in revision and nearly done!

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  1. That *is* an awesome cover. :-)

    I own your book and will let you know when I've read it. Nothing wrong with promoting your book on your blog. I see it as you keeping us posted on what you're up to. We want to know, and we want to support you. Don't forget to factor that in, my friend.

    Be well, and please don't give up and "simply become a fan." That's just the excitement and exhaustion of the mystery writer's convention talkin'! ;-)

    1. Thanks, Janette! You're right. We can get overwhelmed by the star power and big names. There's room for everyone on the world stage - even if it's way over near the edge. =0) Take care. Hugs.

  2. Lots of thoughts in this blog, Sue. Whatever you write, you write because you have to. Just keep doing what you love the best. There's going to be a lot of browsers in bookstores and on-line, and many will find your book just by chance. Many of the greatest books I've read, no one told me about. I came upon them and the cover or the title pulled me in, and I discovered a new writer. Just keep writing!

    1. Thank you, Cindy. I love to write and have to let go of some of the things that deter me. I've bought books because of the cover, too!