Monday, August 15, 2016

It's Hot! Not For Long

On the hottest day of the year I usually find myself musing about the coldest day of the year. They tend to balance each other out and – yikes – from where I’m sitting right now it looks like we have a doozy of a winter coming. The ancient wisdom goes that way. Hot summer gets you a cold winter and vise versa. I dread both. The other two seasons can be delightful though, right? Here’s why I love them.

Fall – The garden is a weedy, rotten vegetable mess. But the freezer and pantry are full. Shiny jars of pasta sauce, jams, dilly beans, salsa and pickles sit smugly on the basement shelves. Warm stews, cozy throws and pumpkin lattes loom, begging us to hunker down and love life.

Spring – The snow and mud are giving way to little green pop-out-of -the ground things. Old Man Winter is gearing up for his last rodeo. Yay!

Fall – “Even the air is colored!” This expression of awe and delight was uttered by my sister-in-law when she and my brother visited from Texas last October. She’s right.

Spring – Earthy aromas waft up to me as I zip through the rain heading for my car to run errands. It’s enough to stop me in my tracks for a moment or two, inhaling deeply.

Fall – Kids are riding the big yellow bus again. Book bags and crayons. Homework and new sneakers. Pulls me right back into my own elementary school days of oh, so long ago. It makes me smile.

Spring – Hubby starts the garden seeds indoors. We’ll do kale again, but no broccoli raab. That experiment from last season failed. Blech. But by mid April there are little black pots of other good things all over the place, though, eager for their journey into the great outdoors.  

Fall – Please let us get through all the fun of this season before we have to think of Christmas. Okay? I want to glory in the fat pumpkins from the garden and crunch through autumn leaves and watch the kaleidoscope of color in the maple trees before I put the wreaths up. I don't think it's too much to ask. 

Spring – Baseball! Can’t wait ‘til we can get out there and cheer our grandson on. Sometimes we’ve had to huddle under quilts as we watch the boy pitch, but it’s worth it. Hot dogs, ice cream cones and strawberry picking on the horizon, too. What fun. 

Fall is coming. My favorite season until it fades into winter and brings the coldest night 'round for a visit and I begin to dream of spring. Then that’s my favorite.  Wish I could make up my mind.

How about you?

Image: “Sunflower Field” by panuruangjan      Free Digital Photos


  1. Let's hope winter is as extreme. Fall is my favorite season. I love being outdoors. Raining and flooded intersections I'm St. Louis.

    1. Since I don't enjoy "extremes," spring & fall are my favorites. :-)

    2. Thanks for joining the conversation, ladies! Enjoy the rest of the summer. May it saunter beautifully into fall.

  2. I am so looking forward to fall. I'm with you, I can do without the extremes. Counting the days till the "air is colored" again! :)

    1. Me too, Karen. Let's hear it for colored air!