Monday, January 9, 2017

Ch Ch Changes (thank you David Bowie)

I love that old maxim, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” As a much younger person it made no sense to me at all. But – you live a while – and you see the wisdom in those words. Changes don’t come in a one size fits all, but there’s an eventual sameness that creeps in that we can all relate to.

We were a poor household when I was a child. But in the nation it was also a time of great movement. People were looking at their situations and making life changing decisions as my parents did when they left northern Minnesota and made the trek to Southern California in the late ‘50’s. It was tough (my Mom cried for days) but necessary. On the scale of changes this one was a very big.

Most changes aren’t life changing. Well, except for that time I dyed my sister’s hair a shade (or three) darker than she was thinking she wanted. Oh, boy. Therapy loomed large in  her life for months afterwards. On the scale of changes it went from monstrous to minuscule in a short time and was trumped by her opinion of the therapist. But nevermind.

Changes happen every day. That check you were waiting for didn’t arrive on time so you had to cancel dinner at Maxim’s (whatever that is). You find out from the dentist you need a root canal or the optometrist suggests new glasses and all the frames on the wall look like freakazoid designs from when you were in seventh grade. On the scale? Medium big depending on how much you were ridiculed for choosing the Buddy Holly frames or if the dentist sneezed just as the needle was going in.

Then there are the changes you’re really, really looking forward to. You’re getting married, becoming a parent or grandparent, the creepy guy in the next cubicle got the ax and is moving on. Some of these even require the Yippy Skippy dance. Yeah, those are the changes we like. But things do settle down and become routine, don’t they? Making that sorta big, bigger and very big change – eventually the same old you doing the same old thing. And then it’s time to change again.

I’ve got some changes coming in the new year. Big, bigger and very big. After I’ve been around them a while I’ll probably start to notice a “sameness” and the thing that was once so exciting, scary or annoying will have me wondering if things are ever going to change. Can I get an amen?

Any changes going on in your life?

PS: That very big change involves The Prize Patrol. I'll be scrubbing the welcome mat off this afternoon. 

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  1. Every day changes! And how perfect that each specific day we have the opportunity to change. I am just thankful that I have the capability to change with the changes, oh sad it would be if we didn't. And I look forward to your changes and your ability to put them in words and share with us. Looking forward to a year of positive changes in 2017!! <3

  2. Yes, I'll chime in with my own amen! :) I don't like change, and I do, it just depends on what kind of change it is. A new grandson change - as per last June, I like that kind. The dentist telling me I need a crown over that surprise root canal, not liking that kind of change, nor the bill that goes with it! But as you said, better to roll with change, right? It's a lot more dignified than kicking and screaming through it. Especially at the dentist's office. :)

    1. LOL, Karen. That kicking and screaming usually doesn't turn out well! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I like change when I'M the one instigating the change. When change comes from outside sources, I tend to balk. Hopefully the new year will bring some changes with an attitude adjustment - mine. I'm usually pretty positive, but want to take a bit deeper.
    Thanks for a thought provoking blog, sprinkled with chuckles here and there from your unique phrases.
    Loved it!

    1. Hi, Trisha. Change from outside is indeed a challenge. Thanks for commenting!=0)

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