Monday, April 3, 2017

A Day of Small Things

Well, it happened again. Not only did the White House ignore my calls about how to run the country, so also did the State Department refuse to get in touch about my policy on immigration. And I'd called them four times! I closed my eyes to calm myself and it came to me that it was probably more like being sick of winter that had my cabin fever at a high pitch. Prompt action was called for. So  . . .  

I wandered into the spare bedroom and there on the chair at the sewing machine I spotted my spiffy blue shirt. Laying there for months with a tear in a seam. I grabbed it, rummaged around for needle, thread and scissors and sat quietly making tiny stitches to close up that seam. Nobody rushing me to do it, no timetable I must adhere to and certainly no State Department interruptions.  

After that I tidied up the room, finally putting things away where they should be, and, looking out the  window, I noticed a stranger in our midst. The sun. Whoa. I asked my restless self, “How about a little trip to the garden?” Downstairs I plopped my feet into my mud boots. Hubby bought them for me and our 11 year old granddaughter, upon seeing the cheetah print, commented, “Grandma, I see you finally have some fashion sense.” She cracks me up. Take a peek. Pretty classy, huh? 

Up I went, new Kindle Fire in hand, to see what I could see. The Kindle was a four hour “deal” on Amazon so we each got one. Takes awesome pics. I swung open the garden gate and began to explore. Not much green, except for a few onions popping up. Such hardy little things! I also found this.

Kind of fascinating to see how the pumpkin vines slithered their way across the ground. Couldn’t see this when the huge leaves and bright orange pumpkins were there. Soon to be plowed under for another crop – maybe corn – and a new harvest will be set. Am I eager for all that hard work? I'll get back to you.

I tromped down the hill towards the road. And that's where I found the green.

How sweet are these tiny treasures? Every year I marvel at their willingness to push through the mud, gravel and dead leaves to show their dazzling white faces to the world. Snowdrops - the first harbinger of Spring. Lovely.

Then it was coffee time. Every day around two 0’clock. It helps the mister and me put a frame around our days. this day the small things made a big difference. No rush. Time to appreciate our corner of the world. Wish you could have been here. I’d have warmed a cup for you and broken out the Girl Scout cookies. Perhaps we could have solved the immigration problem together. Maybe next time? 


  1. JENNIFER BROWN BANKSApril 6, 2017 at 6:46 AM

    Love those boots, darling. Looks like somebody's got good taste. :-) Thanks 4 sharing.

    1. Good thing I have a fashionista in the fam, Jen. LOL Thanks for stopping by.