Monday, September 25, 2017

An Ode to the Season

I’m very much in the mood for autumn, but the weather isn’t cooperating. Gonna be almost 90 around here today. Good grief, it’s the end of September. Still, Old Man Winter is grinning broadly as he peeks around the corner while gazing at the blueprints for our first blizzard. So here’s a poem I wrote several years ago that speaks to that future date – looming large.

Autumn at the Gate

She came upon the garden late,
and lingered there beside the gate,
as fallen leaves went whirling round
with rustling crunch upon the ground.

The rising moon, the hissing breeze
had found the bare bones of the trees
and pressed upon her heart, at last,
that winter now would come on fast.

Mid wistful thoughts of summer days,
the lovely, golden autumn haze
seemed as a lover’s kiss, and then,
she left the gate for home again.

Have a hopeful week!

Image: Our tree by the barn


  1. I'm opening the gate for autumn here! It's been warm here too. Ready for applesauce and pretty leaves and all that good fall stuff. Stay cool!

  2. Add me to the count here.
    Fall is among my favorite seasons.
    I love the fashions, the food and intimate holiday gatherings.
    Cocoa anyone?

    1. I'll have some cocoa. Thank you! topped with whipped cream. Yum.