Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh, Summer

Think back over your summer. What moments have stuck in your mind? For me there are a lot of them with the grand kids, the family reunion, and the garden but some stick more than others. For instance.

We were in line waiting to go through security at the Albany Airport. You know how they have you roped off and you wind around passing the same people until you get to the guy wiggling his fingers for your driver’s license? While we were shuffling along trying to keep the little ones from straying and scooting our luggage at the same time, I heard a man speak to my daughter-in-law. There was such excitement in his voice as he asked how old the kids were. I turned around when he mentioned he would be seeing his son soon. And then I noticed how one side of his face was deformed. His left eye had been severely damaged somehow or it may have been a birth defect. I so wanted to ask him and yet I didn't want to stare. The joy in his voice at the upcoming pleasure of seeing his child gave light to his whole being. I only had time to smile as we moved forward. I truly hope he didn’t see pity in that smile.

A few days ago I was weeding – a task that earned me a nice batch of poison ivy. I’m usually deep in thought while I weed, on my boat cushion, determined to pluck every offender. So it wasn’t until they were almost past me that I looked up. And there, clopping along the road, was a woman on a black horse. I love it when that happens. She was in shorts and a tank top. She had her riding crop in her hand, her boots, and helmet on. But the most remarkable thing was the little red hat thingy the horse was wearing. It must have been specially made because it looked like the horse had red ears, sparkly ears. This time I did stare. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I began dreaming up names for the critter. Devil Boy or Spunky. How about Bling? Maybe I’ll see them at the fair this weekend.

There have been deer in the yard all summer. They’re easy to see unlike the baby chipmunk I came upon while heading up to the compost pile one afternoon. At first I thought it was a mouse but as it ran I saw the white and black stripes. Not quite as prominent as a full grown rodent, but there. I stopped dead in my tracks to take a closer look, but the thing was running – not for the tall grass, the regular old grass was tall enough – but for its life probably. I mean, if something a hundred times your size appeared to be stalking you, wouldn't you run? Poor little guy.

Anyway, those are a few things that summer gave me this year. How about you?

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Thursday, August 29, 2013


I am so happy to be back blogging. Hope you have been enjoying the end of summer. Sniff - I've seen autumn peeking around the corner - leaves of color floating down. Garden is dusty looking. But . . .

Congrats to Janette Dolores for winning The Last Days of Summer contest! I sent her prize winging off to her home and she was one happy gal when she got it.

I would welcome any comments on my new look. Thought it was time for an update. I appreciate every reader and hope you will continue to visit me when your busy lives allow.

God Bless


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to the New Home of Susan Says!

It's a pleasure to have you here. Whether you're a new fan or former friend, it's good to connect and share the events of the day, and the joys and challenges of the writing life.

This blog is a re-launch of my former site:  where you'll find my musings, mishaps, recipes, and an array of helpful articles and anecdotes on writing and creativity.

Though this is a new look, hopefully you'll find the same old comfort, support and words of encouragement as before.

I share blog posts a few times a week, or as the mood hits me.
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I look forward to your next visit, and an ongoing exchange that betters us all on our blogging journey.