Friday, February 14, 2014

A Couple of Poems

Getting all mushy on you today. The first is a poem I wrote and sold to New Love Stories magazine, now defunct. The second I just wrote one day - can't remember if anyone wanted it. I think I was attempting to do the non-rhyming thing with these. But I hope you have a special love in mind when you read them.

Dinner at Nine
By Susan Sundwall

For you only I wait like this,
enduring kindly stares,
fiddling with my napkin,
running my finger around the rim of my glass.
Passing minutes seem like hours.
Then I feel you,
before I see you—and I turn,
like some crowd scene in a romance movie,
there’s only you, your head above the rest and . . . 
suddenly no one else inhabits the universe.

Before you see me,
I watch your easy saunter,
hear your careless laughter.
As you draw near
how it jars me in my soul and . . .
I know, again, there is no choice for me,
but to love you for the rest of my life.

You Have a Way
By Susan Sundwall

When you cross my line of vision
completely blurring the landscape,
with a laugh over your shoulder
and a hurried kiss tossed my way;
my world stops.
When I see that faraway look
in your dreaming eyes
as we stroll along life’s path,
I always, always hope that
your thoughts and your dreams include me.
These small things about you quicken my heart
and again I know, that against your tender onslaught of love
I am still utterly and willfully helpless.

PS: If you'd like to read my children's story, The Lonely Little Valentine, let me know and I'll email it to you. Have a Love filled day! 



  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Susan! Beautiful poetry, friend. You could write cards.

  2. Thank you for these poems, Susan. Such fiery love in them! I agree with Rhonda--you could write greeting cards.

    Yes, please email me your children's story. I'd like to read it.

    Happy Valentine's Day.


    1. I've actually sold some greeting card verse, but it's been a while Janette. Sending the story now. Hope the girls like it! Hugs.