Monday, February 10, 2014

Small Things You Notice

The door was open. I didn’t see it until the pastor got up front to welcome us but then I couldn’t stop looking at it. On either side of the altar area there’s a door. The left one opens into a small room and has a door to the outside where pastor can come in and robe up. The right one opens into the altar guild room and was left gaping by a clueless acolyte (or Alf). It didn’t seem to bother a single person in the front pew on that side, but it drove me crazy. Why didn’t one of them get up and shut it? Why? Would have taken about 12.5 seconds. Ugh. After a while I decided listening to the Word was probably more worthy of my attention, but still. Grrr. I mean, what if pastor left that outside door open and a bunch of mice wandered in? One at a time they'd start making demands. No cats allowed. Free cheese. A church mouse choir. C'mon, people wise up. Shut the door. 

After church hubby and I went to watch granddaughter, Anna, play basketball. We got to the gym early (I’m married to someone who is “late” if he gets there on time). Anyway, while we waited I observed two little girls playing on some mats beneath a set of stairs. They were having a ball. One of them had a braid half way down her back and it was a beautiful thing. Sable colored, tightly woven, and it swung back and forth as she played. So pretty.

This morning just before dawn we heard the snowplow chug down the road. As I made my way downstairs I wondered how much of the white fluff we’d gotten so I turned on the light by the back door to take a look. About an inch. But in that inch were tiny footprints trailing away from the door. Perfect little paws padding through the snow. Our Agnes was inside so I wondered if it was the “other” cat we’d seen hanging around with Sister before we rescued her from the wild. Hmmm.

It was just brought to my attention – via one of those bathroom trivia books – that the original Three Musketeers candy bar came in three pieces and three flavors. Vanilla. Chocolate. Strawberry. I’m trying to remember if I remember that but chances are I’m too young.

So – what small things have you noticed of late (besides that snowboarder Shaun White now has short hair – the long red curls are gone)? And if Shaun's hair has been short for five years, don't tell me. Sometimes I notice things way after. 



  1. Hey! Our husbands must be cousins. "If you're not early, you're late." The Schrock mantra. Then he married me, and God laughed. :D

    1. I've adapted, Rhonda. Some things you just can't fight. LOL Thanks for stopping by.