Monday, May 19, 2014

Bit of a Poem

I wrote this poem many years ago and never really did anything with it. I suppose, at the time, I was thinking of my five sisters and wanted to get some sentimental, greeting card kind of thing, down in writing. Frequently, as you writers out there know, something we write will linger for a while in a state of suspension. Waiting. I had hoped this offering would hit the hearts of millions of women in a Hallmark card that took off and sold like crazy stores worldwide. Silly me.

During this past weekend I was with another group of “sisters” who showed me a rare thing. Unqualified love and acceptance. The things we talked about, laughed about, hugged about, and moaned about hurtled over all barriers of age or circumstance, and I am so humbled that they call me friend.

To all the women who attended the women’s retreat at Camp of the Woods this past weekend I dedicate this bit of a poem. I include those who could only be with us in spirit – you know who you are. I include those I’ve known for many years and new friends of just a few days. Bless you all.

Sisters, you always took my side
even when I was probably wrong because
something binds us that goes beyond what
may or may not be the truth. I’ve counted on
your unqualified support in so many areas of my life,
for so many years of my life.

I look at old pictures and smile; then sadness takes over,
because we haven’t become everything we always
said we wanted to be and do. Yet here we are still,
giggling, sighing and raging over all the
troubles and triumphs of our lives.

What would I ever do without you?

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  1. Just being one of the girls no matter what age we are
    Beautiful sentiments Sue

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time! And that you're full-up on girl talk again. You know how I have to fight for that around here. LOL.

    1. Yup, Rhonda, pretty full up. There's room for dessert, though. Giggling.

  3. How sweet! I can see how this applies to all kinds of sisters. I am blessed, like you, to have some of each. :)

    1. And they are blessed to have you, Karen. Thanks for stopping by. =0)