Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cursed With Imagination

You know how I’m always noticing things, right? Lately there have been a few “sightings” that have had my over-active imagination soaring. For instance . . .

We were on our way to an awards ceremony at the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady. Our grandson, Sam, had invented The Kernel Destroyer, a device that separates un-popped popcorn kernels from the fluff we eat. Very cool. Anyway,  I was riding in the back seat, and as we zipped down an off ramp I caught a brief glimpse of a dinosaur. That’s right. Didn’t know there were any of those still around didja? Now, there are some who would tell you that it was just a misshapen tree trunk, but if you’d seen this thing you would agree with me. It was a Velociraptor and I think I saw a claw move when I whipped back quick to get a second look.

And then a few days later, as I drove down State Farm Road from the grocery store, I spotted a Wookie. Remember those from Star Wars? Big, growly beasts with a set of bangs every school girl in America lusts after. Okay, this Wookie was mowing the lawn and looked suspiciously like a woman wearing a strange gardening hat. But I have to tell you I looked three times and almost hit a squirrel  crossing the road (dumb thing doubled back on me). That was no woman with a push mower. No siree. That was a Wookie.

So then, I thought, what if the Velociraptor and the Wookie know each other and are here to scope out the planet for the evil Prime Minister of Blackmoor?  And perhaps they’re seeking a way to communicate with devices yet un-developed by humans. Like a Kernel Destroyer. Good grief. What hath Sam wrought?

I know he’s the innocent in all of this and would never consent to any million dollar patent that these creatures might offer. Right Sam? I mean, how could they even do that?

Unless . . . one of them adopted a clever disguise whereby they appeared to be the head guy at the U.S. Patent office all friendly and welcoming like. Dang, I never thought of that until now.

I’d better call Sam and warn him. After all he did get an award certificate and a shiny trophy for his invention so he’s a hot commodity right now. Poor kid.

Not only that, he’s been saddled with a grandmother whose imagination is downright scary. Poor kid.

Image: Free Digital Photos


  1. Ha!! Well, I figure my people aren't bored when I'm doing this kind of thing to them. And that's not nothing. It's really not.

    Thanks for the chuckles, Susan.

    1. Chuckles is one of my middle names, Rhonda. Laughter is good for the soul, no? Love it when you stop by!

  2. Sam is darn lucky to have just an imaginative grandmother. Congrats to Sam! Love, Cindy

    1. Aw, thanks, Cindy. Sam is a rock star for sure! Love you back.