Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Trivia Fun

I am a member in good standing of the Bathroom Reading Society. All of the members are anonymous for reasons of propriety. We do however love to share some of the nifty (love that word) things we find out while we’re – ahem – taking care of “business.” So that’s what I’m going to do today.

From several publications found in my private privy stash come these interesting tidbits. Drum roll please. . . 

Opossums do NOT mate through the females nostrils. I’ll be you knew that.

The blue whale is the loudest animal on Earth with a call at a whopping 188 decibels. Although I’d put the whale up against any four year old girl screeching for her brother to “leave me alone! Eeeee!” Just sayin’.

Found printed on a package of Fritos. You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. Can you say Frito Bandito?

A pitchers glove may be any color except white or gray. Who knew?

The all time best selling Little Golden Book is The Pokey Little Puppy with 15 million copies sold since its debut in 1942. Wish I’d written that one!

Napoleon Bonaparte has been featured in more movies than any other historical figure. That would be 194 times he’s seen on screen scratching that spot on his belly – heh, heh.

And here’s a little puzzler to wind things up. Forward I’m heavy, backward I’m not. What am I? I didn’t get it, either. Had to look at the answer (below). I’m so bad at these.

So there you go. Some useless trivia to get you ready for the weekend.

Image: Free Digital Photos  

Answer: ton (did you have to peek?) 


  1. Who knew? The saying is true - you do learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing these tidbits. Happy weekend! :)

  2. Yup, every day, Karen. I love sharing tidbits. Have a happy weekend too!

  3. I love when you share tidbits or anything!

  4. Oh, Sue... too funny. I just read your tidbit column to my husband and he was laughing about the riddle. And I thought how I didn't even know a ton could go forward or backwards and make a difference in its heaviness. DUH! I get it now. Guess I'm even more bad at these than you think you are!

  5. I rarely get them right, Cindy. Glad to be in your good company! =0)