Friday, September 4, 2015

September and Summer's End

I think I’ve posted this poem before, but as usual at this time of year I get all melancholy about the end of summer and kind of excited about the fall and this poem says it all for me. I wrote it years ago and it was published in Good Old Days magazine. I hope you enjoy it and whatever remnants of summer are left to us. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.


Last Picnic of Summer
By Susan Sundwall

Before she sheds her flowered dress
sweet Summer grants one last caress
and wraps her suntanned arms around
the peaceful place my heart has found

She bids me listen just once more
for water lapping on the shore,
and children thumping on the sand
to music from the oompa band

Picnic tables piled high
with buttered corn and cherry pie;
fireflies are sheer delight
blinking, winking through the night

We find some marshmallows to toast
then through the flickering fire, the ghost
of Summer who, with gentle laugh
goes slipping down bright autumn’s path

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