Friday, September 11, 2015

September Songs

Summer isn’t going to hang on much longer. September lends its mixed bag of weather to that fact. It’s been brutal – in the 90’s – for the first few weeks with only a slight breeze now and then as Madame Winter rustles her skirts up North. The songs of September will usher in her reign in just a little while. Those songs are beautiful and here are a few to consider.

I’m not real ancient yet, but old enough to remember some performers of yesteryear whose music set the tone for the Fall season.  There are many versions of “September in the Rain”. Singers include Jo Stafford, Frank Sinatra and Dinah Washington.  Rod Stewart does a passable version, too. It’s a love song – it sure is – but very evocative of the season.  It’s from the 1937 movie “Melody for Two” and I love Jo Stafford’s version found here.

And then there’s Jimmy Durante. What an unlikely star, huh?  Boy, he sure had a honker of a schnozzola. But I think that was part of his charm. He knew his nose was big, that he was short, and sitting quietly on a park bench he would attract the attention of no one. BUT, he was personality with a capital P. What an entertainer. He had a long and varied career that included his own television show. And one night, on that show, he sang “September Song” and melted the hearts of a nation. Played the piano as he sang, too. I love it. Go here to listen. 

Neil Diamond! I try to listen to “September Morn” on the first of every September. Mr. Diamond has a rough kind of voice which makes you think that any ordinary man could sing this love song. Kind of brings it out of the clouds and makes you think you could open the back door after work and your sweet man would have dinner on the table, the laundry all folded, and the kids in bed. Yup, old Neil could make you dream like that. Agree? Here ya go.

I know September brings other thoughts to Americans especially on this day, September 11. And there have been equally horrific days and events throughout history that bring all that is not good to mind. It’s one of the awful truths of life. But throwing a love song or two into the mix reminds us that, though evil will always try to claim us, we don’t have to live there - ever. We also have love. Go there for a little while and think of those  you love, the beautiful season that’s right around the corner, and all the good that God gives us each day if only we’ll claim it.

Welcome Autumn.


  1. Love this, Sue! Thanks for the music and the good thoughts today.

    1. I'm so glad you don't mind my mind. LOL Glad you like. Hugs.