Thursday, October 8, 2015

Out and About in October

My goodness the critters are busy out there. Chipmunks (Alvin and crew) and squirrels scurrying through dry leaves. Deer showing up at all hours to munch the acorns under the old oak on the hill. You’d think winter was coming on or something.  A few days ago as I pulled tomato stakes out of the garden rows, I looked down to see a woolly bear caterpillar. He was pale yellow and sat astride a leaf while taking in the sun. No stripe of brown or black could I see. Uh, oh. Does no stripe portend something brutal head or a season more mild? I can never remember. I’ll have to check the Almanac. And I’ll be watching the ground for other woollies as they telegraph their opinions on their backs in the coming weeks. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Yesterday, as I clipped along up hill and down dale on my way to pick up my nine year old charge, a vehicle came over the hill and down the dale right at me. An odd color. Tan. An odd shape. Boxy. As it got closer I saw it was . . . it was . . . wait for it. A Woodie!! No, not the Toy Story character, but a real, beautifully restored Ford Woodie. Probably from the 1940’s. I held my breath for a few seconds in case it wasn’t, but it was. And then every beach song and every weird surfer guy I ever had a crush on suddenly danced before my eyes. I saw no driver and heard no sound as it wooshed by me. I was too busy time traveling to notice. It was an awesome thirty seconds.

And then there was the rainbow. I have to confess I was bouncing on the edge of impatience when it appeared. It was nearing the end of a long day with children and I was pooped. I sat on the patio at our son’s home listening to two of our granddaughters playing in the side yard with their friends. I had no book, no Kindle, no cell phone and no other distractions when I saw it. First there was the reflection. Red, yellow, blue coming off the water. I was confused until I looked up and saw the same colors cascading through a small cloud. The sun must have been hitting it just right. It dawned on my then that I was one of the most blessed women alive. I thought of mothers, fathers, and grandparents in war torn places who would give a limb to be sitting in such a tranquil place as I was now.  A beautiful lakeside seat, autumn leaves just turning, the laughter of children floating towards me. At that moment my long day could have gone on forever and I prayed for a tranquil place, however brief, for anyone in need.

So those are my tidbits for now. How has  your week been going?

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  1. Thank you for bringing this all to me on another beautiful October morn. You are so right, how blessed with her with God's wonderful world.

  2. True happiness comes from appreciating the small blessings gs.

    1. Sure does, Linda. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. My week has been "interesting" to say the least. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this.