Friday, October 30, 2015


Boo Hoo. October is drawing to a close. Bare branches and chilly limbs are on the horizon as well as the hoards. You know, the hoards. Christmas shoppers. Anyway, I wrote these two poems years ago when I was a fledgling writer. I still like them and I hope you do, too. Don't eat too much candy now.

Halloween Things

These are the things of Halloween
A ghost, a witch and Frankenstein green

A pumpkin, a bat and a bushy tailed cat
My big brother Tom in his old wizard hat

Knocking on doors all down the street
We fill up our bags with good things to eat

There’s Billy Taylor dressed like a ghost
Without any pillows, he’s fatter than most

We’re lucky we didn’t see Sally Ann Green
They say that she’s really a vampire queen

At last it’s too dark to stay out much later
We drag ourselves home and lay out our treasure

It’s spooky and silly and great gobs of fun
Oh how I hate to see Halloween done 

Moon Dance
By Susan Sundwall

October drapes her burnished skirt
Stirred by an errant breeze

Bends down to earth and offers thus
Her crimson leather leaves

Too soon the crisping winter air
Will bare the ancient bones

Of starkened limbs that once were dressed
In vibrant greening tones

And yet once more beneath the moon
All held within her trance

The aching soul is touched for ‘tis
October’s dying dance

Image: Free Digital Photos


  1. You should submit these. They are wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Linda. That means a lot coming from you. Both of these have been submitted to various pubs, but so far, I've only had rejections. =0( Someday - maybe.

  2. I really like the one on October.

    Really. Like it.