Friday, November 13, 2015

Trivia Bits

Feeling a little blog lazy today, but thought you might enjoy some interesting bits of trivia I’ve come across lately. Kind of amazing, some of it.

1.    Clean snow melts more slowly than dirty snow.  Like – who watched the snow long enough to find out?
2.    Boiling an ostrich egg takes 40 minutes. Eat one and you’ll have consumed 2000 calories.  And if you make egg salad sandwiches with it you need 4 gallons of mayo. I just made that last part up. But still.
3.    Like eggplant? Almost all of it (2/3) is grown in New Jersey. Wow, go Garden State.
4.    There are no squirrels in Australia. !!! They can have some of ours. Really.
5.    Johnny Depp has a fear of clowns. And yet, and yet – he works in film. Go figure.
6.    Camels are thirsty critters. They can gulp down 500 cups of water in ten minutes. Did you know that? Me neither.
7.    Gorillas burp when they are happy. Anyone else married to a gorilla?
8.    Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand. Is that good or Baa-d news for the census takers?
9.    The parachute was invented before the airplane. Aw, c'mon!
10. Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark. Thus, the light bulb.

Have a great weekend. Full of fun and frolic. Okay?

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