Monday, January 18, 2016

A Repeat and Then Some

I wrote this a while back but my sentiments remain. Hope you don’t mind the repeat and enjoy the photos.
So I opened my Chrome browser a couple of months ago and saw a link to “the first peek” into the NYC apartment of Chelsea Clinton and her husband. Beautiful – of course. And what drew my attention the most wasn’t the furnishings in the living room or the opulent bathrooms. Nope, in cases like this, I go for the kitchen. It’s the room I relate to the most. My two passions in life are writing and cooking. But I have to tell you I could NOT relate to the kitchen in the virtual tour before me.

Without crumbs on the counter, a broken hinge on a cabinet, a mysterious sticky spot on the floor and above all – a refrigerator suffocating in artwork and magnets, well, it’s just not a kitchen to me.

A sterile stainless steel everything kind of kitchen with a few carefully placed pears on a spotless counter? I mean, c’mon, where are the humans here?

I know, I know. If you’re doing an expensive shoot for a glossy mag you can’t have mysterious sticky spots under your feet, right? Or if you do, you get the maid to clean it up pronto before the big cameras come out. I’m so glad I’m not saddled with wealth and position so I don’t have to face these dilemmas.

Here’s a short story that would make Chelsea, Martha, and maybe the Princess of Panama cringe if it happened in their realm.

Before we did our kitchen over, we had a portable dishwasher. Remember those? On top sat the toaster, butter dish and anything we had to lay down for a minute. Our cat at the time, Puss, loved that old kitchen because there were enough holes in the baseboards to provide mouse snacks all the livelong day. One night my husband was out late and as he came through the kitchen door he saw the cat perched on the dishwasher staring intently at the toaster. Hmmm, he thought, what could be in there? So he crept softly up to the toaster, smiled at Puss, pushed the handle down, and stepped back.

How long do you think it took for that mouse to scramble out of the hot coils into the grasp of a happy kitty? Mere seconds, my friend, seconds. A chase ensued and I really don’t know the outcome of the cat and mouse game, but it sure is a good story. Cringe worthy to the wealthy and famous but priceless to us.

My kitchen is inhabited by ordinary humans. This grandma plasters the pictures next to the magnets next to the construction paper artwork to cover the fingerprints on the fridge. I hang long dill branches over the fireplace and pile the get-to-later mail on the table. I have Mom’s picture of “Grace” hanging over the old deacon’s bench and there are almost always crumbs on the counter. 

2013 Melodi (on stool) and Sierra decorating for Easter

That’s what you get for having a human kitchen. I sure hope Chelsea and Martha and the Princess of Panama get to experience that at least once in their lifetime. They’ll be truly wealthy then. 


  1. You have crumbs too? Whew. I thought it a phenomena that only happened here. We also have a toaster circa 1970 something, a hand me down from grandma given to my sister then given to us when our toaster quit 15 years ago or so. (No mice included.) Yeah, it's practically famous - my daughter in law spotted the same model in a rerun of the sitcom Family Ties. Anyhow, I'm with you. A kitchen must have personality, no doubt about it. Stay warm and have a good weekend! :)

  2. LOL Yup, my counters and toasters are crummy, Karen. Thanks for sharing!

  3. "Human" kitchens are the best. With four sons, I just may have the most "human" kitchen on the planet. Wanna come see? :)