Monday, January 4, 2016

The Beat Goes On

Oh, wow. A new year – again. Don’t we get one of those every twelve months or so? And do the sun and moon know about this or do they stay where they are, lighting the day and the nighttime, oblivious, while we churn away below? I think the later.

“I vow . . .” I used to say at the end of December. But life scrambles on and the vow  fades into next Tuesday and I settle back into my comfortable ways. But on further reflection what I will say instead is . . .

I’m beyond grateful that I have some comfortable ways to turn back to. So many don’t. The mom who has a child sick with cancer and has to quit her job to care for him. The girl who’s been bullied for so long that every single day gets a little darker and less worth living. The homeless man who suffers the glares and rejection of others. Stuff like that I’ve been spared.

I’m humbled to think I’ve never had a hungry day. Do battle with the urge to overeat almost daily, in fact. What a luxury that would be for someone in a far country who’s lost a home and livelihood to war or violence. I’ve never had to live there.

I have great kids. They talk to me, let me hug and be a part of their children’s lives. I love baking the cookies and treats they come to devour and I pray for them daily. Whatever I do to annoy them, they forgive me, or so it seems.

My husband makes his own breakfast. He frequently carries coffee to me as I rally from sleep just like my dad did for my mom for so many years. A small act of love and nurture that means the world. He suffers my addiction to Downton Abbey, too. What a guy, huh?

My friends are wonderful. What girl doesn’t need another girl to be “girlie” with? Bargain shop, share the news of our community, cry, laugh and be outraged at the world together? It’s a gotta have for me. Dear, blessed friends.

So, for this new year, whether the sun and moon stay in their appointed places or not, I’m simply going to stay grateful for every blessing, pass them on when I can and thank the Lord each day for my life.

How does that sound?

Thank you so much for reading and Happy New Year!  

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  1. It sounds wonderful! Thanks for reminding us how blessed we are. Happy New Year, dear friend!

  2. An excellent list, Susan. Your hubby's a winner, bringing you coffee like that.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Susan, you are blessed. I wish you huge success this year in all you do.