Friday, November 15, 2013

The First Time

Okay, now, don’t get excited. Despite what “first time” usually brings to mind I’ll have none of that for this post. No, what I’m thinking of are all the first times throughout history that have influenced how we function now.

For instance.

Think of the guy who waded into the ocean and spotted a lobster. Wow, he must have thought, look at that big bug – right there in the water! So he gets his brave up and grabs for it.  The lobster, having a brain the size of a nit and who would never win in a race with a sloth, let’s itself be scooped up and examined. Our guy flips the lobster this way and that, claws flying and antennae swingin’and immediately thinks, Wow, I just want to pop this thing into my mouth right now!

Yeah, right, me too.

Tobacco. Big fat leaves, kind of stinky. Some farmer notices it growing in the Boohaw Basin of Northern Immo (a fictional place, people) and says to himself, Wow, I think I’ll dry this stuff, roll it up, set fire to the end and put it into my mouth. Then I’ll inhale. I’ll be the envy of the whole Boohaw Basin. Everyone will want to do this!

Uh, huh.

And who was the genius who saw a wild horse thundering across the plains, rearing to the height of a small skyscraper, screaming through teeth the size of piano keys and thought – Wow, I’d love to get on that things back and have a little ride for myself.

It wasn’t me, sister.

I suppose the catalyst for a lot of these first times and Wow moments was need. Such as – Eww, my arm pits really stink or Man, am I tired of beating these clothes on a rock, or Boy, that wooly mammoth looks a lot warmer than me, doesn’t he, Grog? Grog? Put the remote down and listen to me!

If these thoughts hadn’t bounced around in someone’s head we wouldn’t have deodorant, washing machines or leather jackets so I’m going with need. Hunger for the lobster and getting around town for the horse. Tobacco? Still workin’ on that one.

What firsts have you pondered lately?

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  1. You know, I've wondered about these kinds of things too! It occurred to me that maybe there was some divine inspiration involved, for some of them, anyway. I think that certain origins would make great stories or tall tales.

    Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Great minds and all that, Karen! =0) I've often thought of doing some short stories with just these kinds of things in mind. You have a great weekend, too, my friend!

  2. Hmm! Wonder who ate the first tomato since they were thought to be poison? Marion

    1. Ha! Marion, that's one I'd forgotten. Didn't they call them "love apples?" Thanks for stopping by.