Monday, November 25, 2013

Celebrate Good Times

A reason to celebrate. What does that mean? It’s a real “up” word, celebrate. My big honking dictionary explains it this way.

Celebrate – To praise or honor publicly; to extol.

Hmm – we don’t use words like extol very much anymore, do we? But I like the idea of celebrating something publicly and that’s what Giving Thanks Day is all about. We have a reason to celebrate and there’s the private and the public aspect when it comes to Thanksgiving. So here’s my breakdown.

Men – Around here Thanksgiving Day is pretty much their favorite celebration because so little is required of them besides a hearty appetite and skill with the remote control. No shopping or gift giving for these guys. Nope. A day off for food, sports and storytelling. Plus leftovers. What could be better?

Women – One monster meal cooked and then - off for 4 days. “You want dinner? There’s turkey left so go make us a sandwich.” This is especially true for women who put on their armor and battle the dark forces of Black Friday. I’m not one of them, but I understand. Yes, I do.

Kids – No school! For 4 days!

God – So happy to have created a people who celebrate everything He’s given them.  So pleased that they fill the churches to sing “We Gather Together” and then wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. “We’ll be heading to Aunt Clara’s. Bobbies just home, too. He loves the Navy.” “I’m doing the pies and thanks for the recipe!” He just grins and grins about stuff like this. The public acknowledgment and extolling of His provision for us all is evident here. Nice.

Turkey – Thrilled to be able to . . . hey! Wait a minute. Can anybody think of why a turkey should celebrate? Me neither. I only have this to say. Wouldn’t you rather be sitting on a lovely heirloom platter, all browned up like a Florida sun worshiper than hauled home to a family of drooling foxes who don’t even use the best silver to carve you up? C’mon now.

So get out there and extol and honor the God who gives, the people who cook, the day of rest and eating, and the sacrifice of the great hoards of turkeys, potatoes, pumpkins, and cranberries that gave up their lives for you. They deserve it.

Happy Giving Thanks!

Image: Free Digital Photos


  1. Giving thanks for wonderful friends like you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your gang! :)


    1. Aw, Karen, same here! I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!!