Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Glimpses of Heaven - From a Faithful Couple

I slid in next to her about ten minutes before the service was about to start. When I told her I was asking people about their thoughts on Heaven, her eyes lit up.

“Oh, I see a beautiful garden,” she said without further prompting. “With lots of flowers and colors.”

I smiled because it’s something I imagine, too. She went on.
“There will also be light,” she said pausing to raise her hands. “You know, like when the sun breaks through the clouds and the light comes pouring through. It will be just like seeing God’s glory.”

Wow, I loved this and completely understood the picture she was painting. God’s glory streaming through the clouds – like the picture in the corner there. And then she said something that is perhaps universally understood by anyone who contemplates our final living place.

“It will be as though a great weight has lifted – a load off of our shoulders.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Thank you, Marie

Her husband had told me a few things about what he’d like to find in Heaven, too. Or, I should say, who he’d like to find. His grandfather. Ed’s family goes away back into the old country, that being Germany. One of the goals of his grandfather had been to come to visit America to see his grandchildren, whom he’d never met. He was elderly – in his 80’s. 

One night, not too long before he was to cross the ocean, grandfather got up to use the outhouse. It was bitterly cold and the outhouse was a distance from the house.  The barn, however, was attached to the house so he decided to use a corner there instead. Unfortunately the old man frightened a cow who whipped out a hoof and clonked Grandpa a good one. He fell and broke a hip and he laid on the barn floor until he was found the following morning. He was taken to a hospital where he later died of pneumonia. Thus, he never made it to America. But hopefully he’s waiting in Heaven to greet the grandchildren (nine of them) he’d longed to see on earth. What a story he’ll have to tell at the banquet table of the Lord, huh?  

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  1. I like that, "a great weight has lifted." I have a hunch this is truer than we can now imagine.

    Excellent series, Susan Sundwall. Love it.

    1. So glad you're finding it worthy, Rhonda. Bless you.

  2. Jennifer Brown BanksMarch 27, 2014 at 7:28 AM

    This piece was "heavenly." Thanks for sharing. :-)

    1. Hey, Jen. You are more than welcome! Thanks for popping over. =0)

  3. I'm with Jen - it was heavenly! :) You are a wonderful writer, Susan. I hope you know that. Happy weekend!

    1. Aww, Karen, thanks. I have great material to work with - friends, family, writing buds. I'm blessed. You have a great weekend, too!