Thursday, March 20, 2014

Glimpses of Heaven

In the last few weeks I’ve conducted an informal survey among friends as to what they think Heaven might be like. I met with varying reactions. It’s something we don’t think of too often because the business of living here on earth is so – consuming. But I invited thought and shared some of the moments highlighted in the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. I've gathered some amazing responses which I will post here in the weeks leading up to Easter (the Lenten season for some Christians). The following is by my dear – really dear – friend, Karen Lasher. Let her know what you think. 

For me heaven would be like:

A family gathering where all are in harmony with one another. There are no grudges. There is no envy.  Everyone has a role and feels needed, if only to entertain children or elders and no one has too much to do.  The elders are not so infirm that they cannot relate tales to the younger folks, get about on their own, and enjoy themselves.  This takes place on a beautiful day in a peaceful setting near water, perhaps a nice lakeside

Now, this family gathering could  become quite the amorphous group because I would want MY family there - the family I know or knew.  Who would they want there?  Would my grandmother want her grandmother and so on?  And would I know them even though many generations separate us?  Hmmm.

OR heaven would be like:

Women's retreat.  We gather at a beautiful spot alongside a lake in the mountains and if we are lucky the weather cooperates.  No television and its 24 hour news.  Delicious food prepared for us.  The women are all accepted as they come, whoever they are, whatever they do or have done.  All are of a similar mind, there for prayer, praise and thanksgiving to the living Lord.  And it's okay with the Lord if we have fun while we are there.

OR my weekly slice of heaven:

Saturday night Pinochle.    Dear friends who have known each other for many years gather in a warm, comfortable home.  We know each other's fine qualities and celebrate milestones and accomplishments.  We help each other in time of distress and with everyday tasks.  We mourn together.  We accept all flaws or quirks.  Weekly we share our joys and sorrows.  Food is laid out in abundance.  Conversation runs from family to farms, from war to weather, from pets to perfume.  Laughter is guaranteed.  The score is just a number because everyone has won by being there.   And we are all believers.

Thank you for these thoughts which I know come straight from your heart, Karen. 



  1. This post put a smile on my face. My young children asked me recently what we would eat in Heaven. I told them people did not eat in Heaven because there was no hunger or thirst or bodily need at all in Heaven. This led to more questions from my little ones as to what exactly went on in Heaven. I told them that, as I pictured it, we all flew around a beautiful sky with angel's wings, and talked to God and each other, praising God most of the time. I also said many of us would be assigned to people on Earth as their guardian angels, to guide and help keep out of harm's way. My kids were happy with my description of Heaven. I like your description too, Karen, especially the Saturday Night Pinochle one. :-)

    Thanks for sharing this, Susan. Blessings to you and yours, ladies.

    1. Janette,
      No wonder your kids were happy with your description of Heaven. It has you comfortable and comforting, close to God, and helping others. Sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing yours, too.

  2. This will be fun, Susan! What a good idea for a blog series. It helps when we refocus on the eternal because you're so right--we're consumed with life down here.

    Thanks for lifting our eyes up for a bit.

    1. We do need to look heavenward more often. Thanks for coming by, Rhonda!

  3. Funny that you should ask about heaven as our pastor has been doing a series on heaven. One Sunday when I didn't get out to church, either a TV or radio message was about heaven.

    Here are my thoughts: First of all, it'll be a time of worship and singing praises. John 14:2-3 - dwelling places or mansions for us. It'll be a place of beauty. Someplace mentions a banquet, There'll be no sickness.

    I believe we'll know each other, our loved ones who have gone before. Marion

    1. I have a long list of loved ones I want to see along with those I've heard of and want to get to know! Nice to have your input, Marion. God bless.