Monday, March 24, 2014

The Secret Life of Blankets

This is an ‘after the chaos’ moment that arrested my attention a few days ago. The chaos part was when four of the grandchildren made short work of the order I’d created in the living room just before they’d  piled in the door with moms and dads to enjoy supper at Grandma’s while Uncle Blaine (#2  son) was here for a visit.  I looked at the jumble of blankets and throws strewn across the floor and sofa. And there I saw . . .

The yellow, pink and blue granny square baby blanket my mother-in-law made for our youngest son, now 39.  I’d hauled it out of storage one day , stitched up a torn square and allowed that it could once again be used for babies. Plastic ones this time – the kind that don’t cry or poop. It’s a sturdy thing and can also be spread out like a picnic blanket (and Capri Sun washes right out). I remember the pride with which it was presented at a long ago baby shower. I think late MIL would approve as does her great granddaughter, Sierra. 

The plaid Woolrich blanket given to me by my friend, Karen, when she inherited some things from an elderly friend. It has one tiny hole, but that doesn’t bother me and the cat at all. It’s our favorite snuggle up and watch Masterpiece Mystery blanket. It’s a keeper.

The ‘quillow’ sent to me by one of my writing buds. Her name is Pam and I was beyond thrilled when I opened the package from her one day. She lives halfway across the country and it’s one of the sweetest surprises I ever got. It’s covered with small purple violets and folds all together into a pillow when I need it to be. Love.It.

Then there’s my $5 wraps- around- anything super soft throw I got on sale at Job Lots. It’s a funky green color and a perfect cover for cold tootsies or sometimes even a shawl for small shoulders should there be an impromptu fashion show going on in the aforementioned living room. Best five bucks I ever spent.

Many years ago hubby and I drove to New Hampshire to visit a friend. It was an overnight thing and the following morning we were in a local store where they sold wool blankets – like real cheap. He picked up a dark green one and said, “Hey, is this a good price?” It was. I think we paid $15 for it. It rests on the arm of the recliner to cover the legs and feet of the Lord of the Manor every cold winter evening since we brought it home. When I threw it into the wash the first time it hardly shrunk at all. Whew!

The last blanket I picked up was the one I made myself. I went on a tear about 25 years ago and made crocheted blankets for several friends. They were very plain and solid colored,and I used a simple chain stitch but with the added touch of satin ribbon woven through just above the knotted fringe. I didn’t ‘satin’ mine, but I’m so glad I included myself in the mix. I still love it.

Am I crazy to let a moment of picking up the living room spark all these memories? Hmmm. I have a sneaking suspicion I’m not the only one.

C’mon, fess up. What interesting little bits of  your ordinary day send you down memory lane?

Coming up – more glimpses of Heaven. Stay tuned. 


  1. Your story of blankets took my mind back to the red and black Indian blanket that covered my brother and my legs as we rode in the back seat of my father's Model A (or was it Model T) Ford. No heaters back then. I don't know where the blanket came from but it was thick, heavy and hand-woven. Wonder whatever happened to it. Marion

    1. Thanks for the memory, Marion. Wow, a hand woven blanket. So cool (or should I say warm?) LOL

  2. Blankets are an integral part of our landscape. Love the "Lord of the Manor" reference. LOL. I, too, have a Manor Lord. Who uses a certain blanky during the winter.

    Just between us. :D