Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Fun

Sitting in a small basket next to the upstairs bathroom sink are a number of books. Reading material for those “comfortable” moments we all need each day. Most of the books are filled with trivia, interesting riddles, conundrums, jokes and odd facts. I thought I’d treat  you to a  few of them today. Sound like fun? Aw, c’mon, give it a try. You’re smarter than you think. Here goes.

A well dressed businessman parks his car, gets out , makes sure the doors and windows are all locked, and even checks to make sure the trunk is not open. And yet, when he returns to the car a few minutes later, he finds a cat inside. How in the world did that cat get in there?

What can run but never walks
Has a mouth but never talks
A head but never weeps
A bed but never sleeps?

In an all red, one story house, what color are the stairs?

You take away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside.
What am I?

So, now that your brain has been teased a bit and you’ve figured these all out you can go about your day. What? You didn’t figure them all out? Okay, then. Answers below.

1.    The car was a convertible.
2.    A river
3.    A one story house doesn’t have any stairs.
4.    Corn.

Have a super weekend!

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  1. Aha - well I didn't figure out the convertible one, but I did catch that a one story house wouldn't have stairs. Kind of like the Grant's tomb joke, right? Thanks for making me chuckle today. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. You're quite welcome, Karen. Laughter is good for the soul.

  2. Ha! I got #3 as well. Of course, we know that my one story would be orange, right? LOL.

    Happy Friday.