Friday, June 20, 2014

What a Mess!

When you look out our downstairs bathroom window chances are you’ll see a squirrel looking back at you. That’s because about eight feet beyond the window there’s a huge maple tree. Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel love that thing. That tree represents one of the dilemmas that comes with living on a piece of land that sports several huge trees. You just can’t take care of them all.

This tree, though, has a special status, because you see, it’s not alone. Oh no. Beneath it are blackberry bushes that the birds planted by hind end deposit last fall. From the seeds that came from bushes in other part s of the property. Add to the mix a wild grape vine (getting bigger every day), weeds, and a sapling or two which you can just barely see for all the competition.

Why is this allowed to be? You might ask. It’s kind of a mess. My only defense is – I really can’t think of one. It’s simply neglect. Other areas of the yard command more attention like our massive vegetable and herb garden. I want to cut away all the stuff at the bottom of this tree, but whoa Mama! You should see the berries. They’re always ready the first week of July so I can’t cut the bushes now, right? Number three son especially loves the blackcap (local name) jam I make with these babies. His mom can’t bear to disappoint him.

And the grape vine shows promise of a bountiful crop, too. Little green bunches are showing. And the woody vines will be perfect to cut for wreaths come autumn. I love the way the curly bits come off the main branch. I’ll bet you find that charming, too.

Weeds? Let the wheat grow with the tares until harvest. That’s what the good book says and who am I to say otherwise? Hmmm. Perhaps even God wants this jumble to thrive.

That leaves the maple saplings. They’re so imbedded amongst all the other growth that getting to them would be impossible at this stage.

Guess we’ll have to wait until the blackcap jam is all made,the wine is pressed, and the weeds die to take action. Yeah, I think that’s how it’s going down.

What would you do? 


  1. I'd leave it the way it is. But then I'm lazy and not a gardener. Maybe if you're up to it someday, you can pull out the maple saplings, but golly... you want to please your son, right? And it's leaving nature the way it's meant to be. Right?

    1. Right and right! Thanks for coming by, Cindy. Hugs 'n More. =0)

  2. I have boys, see, so if there's that kind of work to be done, they help. And their dad.

    But having all those boys (and their dad), the jam would be a hot item here. So....go with the jam! :D