Monday, July 21, 2014

Things That Last

Just reading that title brought a few things to mind, didn’t it? As I stood in the garden yesterday, hands full of onions, it occurred to me that gardening has lasted. I thought of my five-year-old self standing in my grandma’s garden in Northern Minnesota gorging on peas. She didn’t mind at all. Saved her having to cook them I guess. Another scenario came to mind as I pictured my sister Shari and I leaving the farmhouse to go to the outhouse. We tripped merrily along and swung the door wide. YIKES! A garter snake had also had “to go” and his presence scared the pee right out of us. I’m sure glad outhouses haven’t lasted!

Ponytails have been around a long time. I think the girls like to feel them swishing along behind them as the round the bases – like at Anna’s softball tournament yesterday. Maybe a ponytail makes them feel swift and powerful like Pegasus. Plus it’s a good way to get your hair off your face on a hot summer day. For a while there guys , especially older ones, gave ponytails a shot. Dude. Most of you are NOT going to be called on to do a romance novel cover when you let your hair down. Cut it off.

Cool. That word has stood the test of time, right? I think using it to describe all things amazing, inventive, artsy,  came along in the late 50’s and we still use it today to describe such things. Even young people –like – under 40 can be heard saying it. How cool is that?

Dancing. With a partner or breaking it on the street to please the crowd. People love to move to the beat. King David danced in the Old testament. With rare exception dancing is a happy thing. My husband and I used to square dance and we always looked forward to those evenings. I had a number of swirly dresses and a 50 yard crinoline. When I do-si-doed, skirts flying, I felt more girly than doing almost anything else. And think of how many people count the days until the next Dancing With The Stars show. Dancing’s not going away any time soon.

Lots of other things come to mind. Cupcakes. Lawn chairs. Best friends. God. To name a few. I almost wrote down submarine races but I think that trend only lasted a few years in lame jokes told by old comedians back in the 60’s. So I’m leaving that out.

What things came to mind as you read this? This inquiring mind would love to know.

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  1. How many words have we used before "cool" became popular? Neat.
    Swell. Maybe some in between. In "Writing Juvenile Fiction" Phyllis A. Whitney has a chapter on words going out of style. She said "Swell" will always be around. How often do we hear someone remark "Swell"? I still say "neat" occasionally. "Brilliant" is (or was the last I knew) the British exclamation. Marion

    1. Boffo was one I always liked. But the two other people who used it and I decided to let it go. Love your comments, Marion.

  2. Great coffee. Stories that enthrall. The love of music, and the pleasure of a belly laugh.

    I like that list.