Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Little Peek

Today I’d like to give you a little glimpse of my new mystery, The Super Bar Incident. Its official release date is August first, which is this coming Friday and I’m beyond excited. In this one I put Minnie on a diet, introduce Briscoe Nichols and his crotchety Mom, find a doggy pet for Rashawna, and – oh yeah – get everyone mixed up in a murder investigation. The mystery shop angle is still going strong and this time our crew is checking out the Lovely in Leather shops in and around Albany, NY.

What you’ve just read is a formula for a light read I hope you’ll enjoy. And to pique your interest further here’s a glimpse at what Minnie has to go through when she faces her greatest enemy – her bathroom scale.

      I have my own unique way of stepping on a scale. I exhaled and eyed the thing. I put a foot on while hanging onto the bathroom sink with one hand, and then I watch with one eye as the dial begins to move up. I let go of the sink slowly as I put the other foot on, look at the number real quick and jump off. But that morning when I looked, I saw that I was down two pounds from the morning before.

     The Hallelujah Chorus began pealing in my head. Holy cow, two whole pounds! I was beyond ecstatic. I leaned over the sink and giggled at my reflection in the mirror as I fluffed my hair. I bowed, put one hand on my hip, and strutted in my towel like a runway model into the bedroom. All my suffering from yesterday had paid off and I was loving it. My cell phone rang and ruined the moment, but I answered smiling.

Can you relate? My book launch is Saturday, August 9th, and I have all kinds of wonderful people helping me out. We’ll be ensconced at the Kinderhook Elks Lodge on Route 9H in Kinderhook, NY beginning at 10 AM and going strong until 12 PM. And beyond if there’s a crush at the door. I'm grinning. 

I just love being a writer. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Congratulations! Oh, enjoy every single minute!!

    Clapping from here. :D

    1. I shall, Rhonda! Fun and more fun. =0)

  2. How exciting! Congratulations! Enjoyed the excerpt, thanks for sharing it with us. And yes, I can relate. Haven't been brave enough to hop on a scale in a while. :)

    1. LOL Karen. And it gets worse with each passing decade!

  3. Ha, you are talking to someone who lost almost 50 pounds after back-to-back pregnancies! I know all about the battle with the bathroom scale and the moments of lamentation or celebration, depending on what the scale reports. :-)

    We met Briscoe Nichols and his momma in The Red Shoelace Killer, no? I'm glad you're expanding on these two characters. They seemed interesting when I first read about them in RSK, if I'm remembering my character names correctly.

    Congratulations again. Hugs to you.


  4. Good for you, Janette! Minnie would be clapping. Briscoe and his mama were indeed in RSK. Thought them worthy of a broader role in the new mystery. Probably "introduce" wasn't the best word choice. Hugs back!