Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hard to Find!

Several years ago, for Christmas, my grandson Sam put a small tube of hand lotion into my stocking. The fragrance was called Butterfly Flower and I. Loved. It. It really did make you feel like you were in a fragrant field of butterflies. It was light, too. Didn’t clog my sinuses. I asked his mom (okay, she’s the one who bought it as Sam was only about 5) where she got it and she told me. Well, didn’t I go to that store in the mall to buy a big bottle? Yup. And did they have it. Nope. Discontinued.

Same with white lipstick. If you’re a guy , you can stop reading right now. Anyway, I need to wear lipstick. Got addicted when I was 16 and look pale and sickly without something on my kisser. Most of the colors I prefer are a bit too dark so I like to soften them with white lipstick. Very hard to find. The last tube I bought was in the local grocery store, but when I opened it I found that halfway down the color turned to  light pink so I think it was an old one. Sheesh. Maybe if I went to a Goth website or something?

Egg beaters. Remember those? Two beaters with a wooden handle and a crank. Light and portable. Used to run about $1.99 at Woolworth’s back in the day. Wire whisks came along and knocked them out of the water. Or so I thought. Yesterday I was in Kohl’s with my friend, Karen, and there on the wall sat a modern version of the egg beaters. I grabbed it off the wall and hugged it. And then I saw the price. Ten bucks. I put it back. I’m too cheap to let nostalgia rule my buying habits.

Some old wisdom has disappeared, too. Or so it seems. Consider these.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Waste not, want not.

Always wear clean underwear, in case you get into an accident.

I’m really careful about that last one – a clean thong every day for this gal. (KIDDING)

Any thoughts on this absorbing subject?

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