Monday, September 15, 2014

Pumpkins, Apple Pie and Kick the Can

I’ve tried real hard to keep summer in my heart, but the natural order of things is messing me up. Like the pumpkins from our garden. In the spring Farmer John (aka hubby) bought a packet of seeds called Halloween Mix and planted them. There was plenty of room for the things to grow and boy did they. In the mix were several white pumpkins - not quite sure I like them. But now that they’re all picked of course they pull my mind to all things autumn.

Even though winter follows I’m always happy to bring out all the fall decorations. Last Tuesday while I was clearing out the attic, I hauled out the plastic storage box full of the stuff. Sierra, three, helped. Out came the bear figurines adorned with tiny pumpkins, squash and their fall hats. Out came the Indian corn that I’ve somehow kept intact for several years. Felt pumpkins from the dollar store, ceramic ones for the mantel and the scarecrow napkin holder. Up it all went around the house. We even found an old Dracula Pez dispenser.

Naturally this got me thinking of all the season brings in the way of food. Since our kids were going to be helping with the new patio installation this weekend, I told them I’d cook. A huge lasagna, garlic bread (mine is superb), and a robust salad with the last of the garden tomatoes and cukes became the menu. The daughters –in-law brought apple goodies, pie and a crisp. We lit some candles for atmosphere. There was even a jug of pumpkin ale to test.

And then after supper, Melodi, six, asked if we could play Kick the Can. Well, how fun is that old game? There were six of us who were up for it. All the kids, oldest son, Eric, and me (aka the tortoise). It was dusk so we didn’t have a lot of time. The can kicker, the guard (otherwise know at “it”) and the rest of us set to. Sam was a fierce guard. I tried my best to draw him away from the can, but he tagged me out in jig time. Then Eric and the two youngest, Sierra and Melodi, teamed up. Tough call. The tortoise got tagged almost immediately and the rest soon followed. I think we played longer than we supposed we would.

Time zoomed by. School day tomorrow. The kitchen needed cleaning up, the air had a nip and the game had to be called. Funny how in the midst of family fun and frolic the whole bad world seems to fade. There’s just you and the players, pumpkins and lasagna and apple crisp. What a delight to roll into autumn in just this way.

I pray the same for you even if it comes in only a bright, brief moment or two.

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  1. That's the game we cousins played on the farm. Some of my fondest childhood memories center on that! Thanks for bringing that up again.

    1. You are so welcome, Rhonda. Thank you for commenting! Have a great week. Smiling and waving.

  2. Oh, my cousins, too. There were 24 of us, all living in the same neighborhood on the north side of Syracuse, NY. Summer nights are parents and grandparents sat about the doorway to our house which was on the corner and we cousins played kick-the-can. I can still see us and see the faces of our parents watching. All was well with the world. Thanks for the memory, Sue!

    1. Hi, Cindy! Glad to have you stroll down Memory Lane with me. Blowing a big kiss.