Monday, September 29, 2014

Seasonal Things

Last April, I think, I posted on Facebook that I’d just enjoyed the first hot fudge sundae of the season. Some of my friends found that amusing. They didn’t consider a hot fudge sundae a “seasonal” thing. And they were right. These days we can have any treat any time. But, wait a minute.

We have four seasons around here, right? And the leaves don’t turn orange in the spring or the crocus pop up in December. So there’s a kind of timetable that nature keeps and I tend to keep it, too. That gets me thinking of my kitchen counters.

I ran to CVS last week and, because Halloween is the next big thing and the candy is on sale, I bought two bags. When I got home I dumped some of each, Snickers and Mounds, into a glass bowl and set them on the counter. I do the same in the spring for Easter candy and it lends a festive air to the kitchen.

When my kids were all in school there were autumn and winter days when the urge would come over me to make sticky buns. It happened four or five times a season and  my reward was great. As soon as they’d hit the door I’d hear, “Sticky buns!”  They sat on the counter, three pans of them, all gooey and sending out cinnamon in waves. The two oldest sons, in high school,  got home before their younger brother and I’d have to fight to keep a few for him. That fresh gallon of milk I’d just bought would likely be half gone by three thirty, too. My sticky buns were awesome.

At Christmastime there are smudges of chocolate and remnants of crushed walnuts on the counter.  It’s the season for my choco-caramel delights. These are a small chocolate butter cookie rolled in walnuts, filled with caramel and drizzled with chocolate. I only make them in December. They are much loved. I leave a small  sample plate of them on the counter and the rest get frozen for cookie tins. I’m almost famous for these cookies and they’re a mark of the season. That and the bowl of candy canes.  

I change the mugs on my mug rack at Christmas, too. It sits on the counter next to the stove. An odd assortment usually hangs there, but in honor of the holiday a whole other odd assortment occupies the thing. My favorite is the holly mug.

I could go on and on and tell you about the fresh veggies that sit in the colander in early summer. Or the loaf of warm from the oven bread waiting on the cutting board just the other day. Sometimes a precious trinket awaits re-claiming by the grandchild who’s left it at the house. It sits on the piece of counter closest to the back door.  

So you see, all things in their season. Kind of like in Ecclesiastics where it says . . . “to everything there is a season.” Yeah, and it was a 60’s song, too, by the – hmmm – anybody remember?

Anyway, just some Monday thoughts. Have a super week.

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  1. I think I remember the title of the song "Turn, Turn, Turn", but then my memory goes off, like a switch. Loved your blog!

  2. Cindy, It was The Byrds. Googled it. Thank you for loving my blog. Got your beautiful letter today, too. Love 'n Hugs.

  3. That 'colored seasonal candy in a bowl' thing? That's Mr. Schrock's M.O. Even now, a lovely, dark, wooden bowl from Haiti, handcrafted, sits on my brand-new kitchen counter, filled with candy corn and assorted fall-wrapped Snickers, Reeses, and Milky Way (in their new, seasonal caramel apple flavor, of course).

    That's how we roll here, too. :D

    1. Hard to keep it in stock too! Grandkids have candy radar. Nice to now we roll alike.