Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I’m not one to plaster old pictures of myself on Facebook for this wildly popular social media day, but on occasion I like to toss my head back in time if only to see how far we’ve come. Know what I mean? So, who remembers these?

Princess telephones – Goodness, the first time I saw one of these I thought nothing in the world could be more modern. No more big black phone with a dial this size of a manhole cover. Every girl needed one of these babies. And they came in colors!

Commercials with songs – The first one that comes to mind is “I’d Like to Teach the Word to Sing” from Coca Cola and the second one is Dinah Shore singing “See the USA in your Chevrolet”. If  you gave me half an hour I’d come up with more and I’ll bet you could, too.

Variety Shows – One of my siblings used to call it The Egg Sulliban Show. And I remember when Egg (Ed) featured The Beatles - a long anticipated event at the time. Others include The Red Skelton Show, Carol Burnett and a few others. Anybody? Oh, wait. I think Dinah Shore’s show was of the variety type. Yeah.

Slips – I don’t know if there’s a woman under forty who ever wore one, but at one time they were standard issue for women of all ages. Some were plain, some were fancy, and it felt kind of cool to have yet another barrier against the cold cruel world right there under your dress.  But that era is over – except maybe in certain catalogs. A big sigh here.

Cheap hamburger – A few weeks ago I stood in front of the meat case at our local supermarket. The ‘organic’ hamburger was being offered at the unbelievably low price of $4.99 a pound. In the case below there sat the more standard what? Plastic hamburger offered at only $3.89 a pound. I asked the butcher, who happened to be loading the cases, why beef was so high. He told me there’d been a drought out west last spring so beef was sold off and now there’s not much left. Huh. Who would have guessed.

I never had a princess phone of my own and I was very young when Dinah Shore sang for Chevrolet. I thought Red Skelton was a hoot and the Beatles were just okay. I threw my last slip away fifteen years ago and  I remember when everyone bought hamburger because it was cheap and you could do so many things with it.

Times change and they always will, but sometimes you get perspective looking back. Yeah, you do.

Image: Free Digital Photos


  1. You sure help us get perspective on things, Sue. Nice blog and it brought back memories of seeing not only the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, but Petula Clark, Tiny Tim, Sonny and Cher, to name a few others. (Loved how your younger sibling pronounced that show.) I loved The Carol Burnett Show. I remember my parents loving Dean Martin's show and Hee Haw.

    Sad that the commercial jingle that comes to mind is the one for Lucky Strike cigarettes, but it did, "... tastes good like a cigarette should.)

    As for sips, I am one that always wear dresses and I have such a hard time finding slips. All I want is a half slip and they're almost impossible to find, especially in the the right length.

    Yep times change and I guess they always will... whether we want them to or not. But so far, my Dumb Phone works okay. :o)

    1. LOL Cindy, I have a "dumb phone" too. I think you might still be able to get a slip at the Vermont Country Store. Not sure. I don't really miss them as I'm pretty much a pants wearing gal now. I so love it when you stop by!

  2. I actually still wear a slip on occasion, as does my 28 year old daughter. Guess we're considered old school now. :) As for princess phones, they were something! Had one in white, cause white just matches everything!

    1. I knew a slip-wearer was out there somewhere. Nice it was you, Karen. Wink.

  3. I, also, still wear a slip on certain occasions. Guess I can't toss mine yet. I did have a princess phone!

    1. Claire - another slip wearer! Yay. Thanks for stopping by. Princess phones rocked.