Monday, January 26, 2015


Since we in the Northeast are waiting for the Blizzard of the Century to hit (with many years left to do better), I thought I’d share this winter poem with you. I wrote it many years ago when I was still trying to sell poetry to unsuspecting magazine editors.

Stay safe friends and neighbors!

Out For The Paper 

Winter, that old man, came calling

To set bitter cold at my feet. 

I’d only stepped out for the paper

But found myself stuck on the street. 

My keys disappeared in the snow bank

No gloves on my hands, nor a hat. 

And then, didn’t I spy through the window

My dog Lula Belle and the cat. 

My wife stood there glaring beside them

In curlers and robe trimmed with silk. 

She opened the door and then slammed it again,

I’d forgotten to bring home the milk!


 Image: Free Digital Photos


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