Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Good, The Bad, and The Winter

“Are you ready for the snow storm,” I asked the cashier at the Stewart’s Shop where I’d stopped to get some ice cream for a birthday celebration. We had a blizzard coming.

“Everybody asks me that,” she said and I made a face. “I can’t wait. I’m a snow lover.”

I was glad to hear it. I like snow, too. There are two reasons. One – it cleans up the yard or, I should say, the property. We have three acres full of trees, bushes, and rock gardens and, boy, are they messy. So the snow covers the ground like forgiveness covers sins and I love it. So pretty.

The other reason is the romance of it. Not anything like boy meets girl (although a good snow storm can swell the ranks of humanity – say - nine months later). But that aside think of all the images we have of snow and snowfall that charm us. Take a look at this:

If you walked up to the front door a happy grandma would greet you and her dog would dance and twirl while the cat rubbed against your leg. You’d be told to take off your wet things and sit down because warm banana bread and hot coffee were on the menu.  A cozy fire crackles in the living room where you sit down with  her with half your coffee left and there’s a great basketball game on the new Jumbo VII flat screen. Grandpa comes in to join you and tells you a hilarious story about the guy who just plowed the road out front. They ask you to stay for supper because baby it’s cold outside.

Does winter get any better than that?

I know, I know. People have to drive to work and contend with slushy streets, insane drivers who must be yelled at and gestured to, kids who get raging fevers in the dead of night and milk that was forgotten about until it’s too late to go get some. I get it.

But life has a way of balancing out – if you let it. So I hope my pretty picture puts some romance into your winter. I hope you get to work safely and your kids recover. And the next time the weather girl says “wintry mix’,  remember all of the things that could mean.

Today I’m venturing out into the 6-8 inches we got yesterday. If there’s snow by  you – enjoy, stay warm, and be safe.

 Image: Free Vintage Postcards


  1. Loved this, Sue... from the title to your image along with your imagination inside that wintery home. I don't dread winter. Granted I don't have to drive to work now that I'm retired, so that surely helps. But there is something about the winter that allows me to think of rest, reflection and reading. It's a time to sit back and take time... to look outside at the beauty of the snow (and it does cover a lot of brownness and grayness). I think we need this time to replenish ourselves and be ready come spring and summer and fall. Yes, it does get old fast, but January it's still so fresh and clean and the skies are so clear ~ when there's no blizzard! We lucked out here and didn't get much snow. But the cold has kept the snow we have had looking good.

    1. It's kind of a human hibernation time too, isn't it? Makes spring all the more joyful. That first glimpse of reviving earth really gets you going. Thanks for your lovely comments!

  2. My husband is a huge fan of winter. The incessant complaining on social media sites wearies him. Send the flurries, and he's a happy camper. Or, well, Hunker Downer in his slippers.

    Yeah. He's that. :)

    1. I like the snow, too. Especially since I don't have to drive in it much. Yay!