Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Around Town

It’s really snowy around town this week. Yeesh. Hubby’s been out with the snow blower more this year than in the last five all together, I think. It puts me in mind of some things. Like the Winter Olympics.

There’s a zigzag track from the edge of the patio all the way up the hill and back to the compost pile. The man said he was tired of plodding through the snow to empty the compost bucket. I think his perfectly blown track would make an excellent bobsled run. We only need the sleds. Who do I call to make it official?  

The icicles on the edge of the roof are awesome. Dangerous. Beautiful. I just hope they don’t melt their way into the house and damage the inside walls. Don’t need that. I wonder if that chick, Elsa, from Frozen has been sneaking around at night to wreak havoc. She could let those icicles go – but not all at once!

Where do small critters go when the winter is so severe? I mean, it’s going below zero in the next few days. Do they have snug little homes in the hollows of trees like the Brambly Hedge mice in Jill Barklem’s books? I suspect there’s a few feral cats tucked up tight somewhere in our old barn. I never go out there so I probably won’t find out. And if they freeze to death some night I hope the Spring Sanitation Fairy comes to clean them up before they become too aromatic. Maybe she and Elsa could work something out.

On my way out of the grocery store the other day it occurred to me that I can never recall a hot July day while I’m shivering in February. And I can never imagine the shivering when I’m suffering on a hot humid day smack in the middle of summer. What’s with that? I always want the one when I’m experiencing the other. It’s probably why Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.

But under all that snow and ice are the roses, right? That’s what they want  you to believe in the songs anyway. And we’ll adore Spring all the more this year for the stinking winter we’re going through. Can’t wait.

Just some thoughts for the day. How is your winter going?

Image: Free Digital Photos


  1. For me, getting over what I can only imagine is the flu for the last six days makes my winter perfect for me. All the snow outside reminds me of the blankets covering me and the illness prevents me from having to feel the cold out there, too. And I do believe the flowers are beneath all that snow and ice for us to cherish come spring. You're right, Sue; we'll appreciate it all the more then.

    1. Ohhh, so sorry you've been ill. It's been a devil of a winter. But our images are wonderful! Stay under those blankets!