Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Cleaner Cat

Boy, oh, boy. I hate to say this but the cat helps me clean the house. Now before you begin imagining a cartoonish kitty in an apron, holding a feather duster, let me set you straight.

Our cat is old, a rescue from feralism (no I don’t think that’s  a word), and of uncertain breed. She has a meow that makes you cringe, kind of low and yet demanding. And she has a tricky tummy. I find evidence of that all over the house – thus the cleaning.

So here’s what happened the other day. I keep a lap size wool blanket on the chair beside my chair and when I went to grab it I noticed a long string of Cat Barf on the edge of the blanket and a dribble on the chair as well. Grrr. I grabbed the blanket and as I was walking to the laundry room I noticed a rather large spot of brownish crud on the tile floor by the back door. On closer inspection it turned out to be a mixture of ice melt and dirt. From hubby’s boots. Sigh. As I charged through the laundry room door something soft wafted past my face. The mother of all cobwebs. Gack!

I stuffed the blanket into the washer along with a few dirty towels. I got a wipe from the bathroom to clean up the barf on the chair. Then I hauled out the vacuum to have a go at the cobwebs, mother and all her children. I carefully climbed up on a stool to slurp them from the top of the kitchen cabinets. You don’t EVEN want to know what I found up there.

I was sort of hoping something cool would happen to rescue  me from all this cleaning – like the Prize Patrol showing up at the door with a big cardboard check or an unprecedented outbreak of world peace blaring from the television. Didn’t happen.

But thanks to Agnes, the cleaner cat, there are less cobwebs and a fresh blanket to cover me while I read in the chair tonight. I still have to mop the floor where the ice melt crud is, but I think I better go check my makeup and brush my hair instead. The Prize Patrol could be coming up the walk any minute. And thanks to the cat no cobwebs will come between me and that check!

Image: Agnes - Feed Me! 

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