Wednesday, February 18, 2015


The world is getting really messy. I know. I watch the news just like you do and my heart sinks when I see what people do to each other. I avoid long harangues about it here because my voice – on these issues – doesn’t need to be heard. Really. No, what I’d rather do is show you the lighter side. That happens, too. Such as.

Last night I Skyped briefly with our granddaughters in Washington (state). We’ll be visiting them in April and Lillie and I are planning a family concert. Oh my. It will be such a big deal with her trumpet playing and my singing. She’s all of eleven and so excited about it. We had a jolly time doing up a program and laying out our plan. There will even be refreshments. Then her big sister, Elaina, plopped into the chair with Lillie cozied up on her lap and the giggle fest began. Goofy stuff that I didn’t understand but had them in fits. I wish I could have reached through my computer screen and hugged them, danced and laughed with them. A moment of pure delight.

Then on Facebook a few days ago my Minnesota cousin, Molly, posted a short video of a little boy, maybe three, conducting a very aggressive piece of music in his pajamas. Wowsa. He had the moves down and for the most part did a wonderful job standing there on a tiny platform in the basement rec room. At the end of his performance he lost his baton and wound up giggling on the floor and rolling around on the carpet happy as a puppy. Some day he’ll be on a real platform conducting in a tuxedo (with maybe his pajamas underneath), I just know it.

I read at night. I’ve just finished a book by my friend Evelyn Kuhns titled, A Simple Murder (very good), and picked up Killing Patton by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. There’s always a good amount of research that goes into Bill’s “killing” books and even though I’m only a few chapters in as of last night, a small bit of history I’d never heard came to light. Hitler was a Class A Farter. That’s right. He had a condition called meteorism which causes uncontrollable flatulence. Even though I, like most people, cringe at the sound of his name the idea of the Farting Fuehrer had me giggling and giggling some more. Couldn’t help it. The man took long walks in the woods with his dog Blondi so he could fart at the trees instead of his worshipers. Just cracked me up.

I hope you have moments in your days that lighten it, in however ridiculous a fashion. The way the world is now we sure need it.

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  1. Jennifer Brown BanksFebruary 18, 2015 at 7:53 AM

    Thanks for sharing this post, Sue. How true. In a world filled with crazy, sad things, it's good to have a little "comic relief" now and then. :-)

    1. You're welcome, Jen. Thanks for stopping by. Stay warm! =0)