Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Delightful Little Things

Last Friday my kitchen was turned into a jam factory. This has become a June family tradition for several years running now. The jam is strawberry and the whole family pitches in. Um – not the dads exactly. No, they come over later for the pizza and table talk and frequently bring the dogs – as they did this year. But before we descend on the kitchen we must go to the berry fields and pick them.

Sierra is the youngest and at four and a half she really gets into it. Eight of us trooped up and down the rows and she followed here and there. “Look at this one Grandma!” They all do this and the moms and this grandma nod and smile. But this year Sierra had more to say. She strolled over to me and asked if I needed her help. “Sure,” I said as I looked into her small bucket. “Okay,” she grinned back. “I have good strawberry eyes.” On the Cuteness Scale she’s way up there.

Yesterday was a great garden weeding day. Rain the night before and into the morning. I hoed and pulled and dumped grass and weeds until my back ached. Our garden is no Eden and the weeds know it. They grow in profusion right alongside the good stuff. But after a while I need to stand up, stretch and walk. So down the hill I strolled and didn’t my eye catch a little bit of red glinting in the grass. At first I thought it was a lost button, but on closer inspection, which involved putting my nose very close to the ground, I saw that the red spot was really a tiny mushroom. With a shiny red cap. Quite enchanting. Much more so than when I came upon a snake in the grass last week. Eww.

We’re currently dog sitting for number one son. He and his family are off to Toronto for a week of fun and relaxation. Their dog, Casey, is with us for six days. She’s young, a lab mix, and in possession of two soulful dark eyes that make you do all kinds of crazy stuff. Like – for no reason – I’ll say “squirrel!” just to see her head whip up and her ears perk (okay, I guess that's a reason). She knows what a squirrel is and will joyfully chase them from the yard. Those eyes tell me she’s ready for any squirrel in combat gear who might be up to something.  She’s a good pup.

Today I’m going with a friend to a new meat market. Well, new to me. This friend has brought wonderful eats to parties we’ve both attended and she’s wanted to take me to Rolfs for a while now. I’ll report back to  you  on all the little delights I find there.

What can you report to me this week?

Photo: my little red-capped mushroom


  1. I read an article by a friend years ago that talked about rejoicing in the little, even everyday things we take for granted. One thing she mentioned was how her grandmother rejoiced over indoor plumbing, and how this friend came to appreciate it much more when they renovated an old home. Your post title brought that to mind. :) I often think of how wonderful indoor plumbing is when counting my blessings, big and small. And you my friend, are another delightful and treasured blessing. Thank you for reminding me to stop and savor lovely things today!

    1. Oh, Karen. Thank you so much! Sometimes I wonder if I pay too much attention to the little things, but they bring me such joy. Brief moments of delight in an otherwise hectic life. Bless you.