Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still Amazed

This is a worthy repeat – I think. All of these things still amaze me. I’m a simple woman. I hope you enjoy the read or the re-read if you've been with me a while. Happy Tuesday!

Things That Amaze

Skype. Oh, my word. When our number two son left us to go live in Washington state with his family, we had no idea that one day we’d be able to visit his bedroom / office and chat face to face. Like through cyber space. He and the girls sit and talk, play with the pugs, run to the kitchen to get a snack and all while we’re watching. Or running to get our own snacks. Until someone figures out how to transport us through the screen to actually be in the room with them, this is the best thing ever. Um – and I think the airlines will lobby against that transport thingy. Could happen.

Seeds. Yup, they’ve been around for a long, long time. But each time I scoop up shovels full of the thousands of maple “helicopters” that fall from our trees in October it occurs to me. Every single one of those little stinkers has everything inside it to make a whole tree. And when I look up at the ginormous maple they’ve come from – well – this simple girl is in awe.

Water. The other day I was attempting to convince my grandson that water is the only thing that truly quenches thirst. He was hanging on the refrigerator door looking for water with flavor – like a Capri Sun or perhaps a beer. Ha! Just kidding. He’s only twelve. I highly suspect he wasn’t all that thirsty, just a little bored and wanting something sweet. He knew Grandma would not deny him the juice. I also remembered Jesus’ cup of cold water statement and how giving it was like being Him for the recipient. That guy knew what he was talking about. And he had no clue about Capri Sun.

Babies. The tiny little us. And most of the time emerging well formed with everything inside to become something wonderful. Bald, toothless, openings on both ends to let stuff in and let it out again (yeah, this happens when we’re old, too). Skin like velvet and a demanding wail that turns Mama’s head and heart to serve – immediately. Makes Papa proud and grandma and grandpa even prouder. Where would we be without them?

Okay at this point I was going to mention faxes, an invention that formerly amazed me. But I’ve been informed that the fax is passé, was never that amazing, and I’m only showing my ignorance of all things electronic if I go on about it. So I won’t say anything further.

What amazes you?

Psst: If a fax machine amazes you, too, call me. There’s a group forming.

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  1. Susan --

    Seeds and babies...the miracle of life.

    Love your writing!


    1. Steve! Nice to hear from you. Yup, seeds and babies make the beat go on. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. YOU amaze me, Sue... your writings and your views on life. (And fax machines and radio and TV still amaze me! Don't tell anyone about the radio and TV.)

    1. Okay, Cindy, I won't. But, I'll send the group sign up form. Hush, hush. =0)

  3. I'm with you, these things are rather amazing. And I am thankful for them! Yes, keep me posted about the fax group. Getting or sending one - I still have to wonder about how it all works!

    1. Oh, good, Karen. So nice to know I'm in such lofty company. Sign up form on the way. LOL