Thursday, June 4, 2015

Out and About

Well, I’ve been out and about and noticing things again.  Spring is my favorite season when life is just busting out all over the place. Lawns and flower gardens are coming into their own. I planted impatiens in the beds bordering the front porch. This year I sprinkled some plant food at the base of each clump of flowers – told them it was good for them – and they are lovin’ it. Spreading out like crazy. Visible from the road even. And that’s saying something when your property is choking with trees, bushes and weeds.

A few days ago I watched as our two youngest granddaughters were fooling around in the kitchen. The oldest was teasing her sister and uttered “Oh Go*” which got her a stern look from yours truly.

“Uh, oh. We don’t say that at Grandma’s house.” She knows this and grinned.

A heartbeat or two later, with more fooling around, her little sister spouts, “Unicorn.”

By this time I was somewhat distracted like grandmas get when fooling around  becomes tedious. But she’d caught my ear. “What?” I said.

“Not God, unicorn.” Her eyes twinkled as she grabbed her sister’s shirt.

“Oh, unicorn.”  Kids. Just when you think they’re not listening. What could I do but laugh?

Yesterday spouse and I took advantage of the senior discount offered at our Shop Rite in Hudson. About a fifteen minute drive south, but worth it. I make a list, grab my shopping bags and discount card. Off we go - it's kind of like a date. We're nearing home, hitting the last stretch of highway, when right ahead we spot a police van, lights on, stopped in the middle of the road. I immediately feel guilty. And then curious.

“Uh, what’s this?” I said to my driver, Mr. Husband.

There was no car in front of the cop’s van but his lights were whirling.  We came up slowly behind, moved into the passing lane and cautiously went round him. And that’s when we discovered the reason for the stopping and whirling. A huge turtle was crossing the highway in front of the police van. Strolling along like she had all the time in the world and, with the police on her side, why not? I could have kissed that man in uniform – but that’s probably a ticket worthy offense. Or not. It would be a totally "grateful granny" type thing for sure.

So – what are your plans for the weekend? We have ballgames, a dance recital, church and gardening. Maybe even outdoor grilling. Life is good. I hope that for you, too. 

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  1. What a wonderful human being that man is blue. Enjoy your day. Grandkids are the best, aren't they?

    1. Oh, they are, Linda, they are. Have a great weekend.