Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Don’t you think it was pretty swell of God to go ahead and let us name things? Last Sunday the children all piled up at the front of the church to hear what pastor had to say about names. Theirs, the people out in the pews and The Name above all names, Jesus. One little girl, when asked about some of the names we give Him, raised her hand and said, “Jelly Beans.” I’m sure her outburst was the result of a long thought process involving Easter baskets, pretty bonnets and possibly the Elf on the Shelf, but you never know about kids. Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God may be too much to grasp, so we'll cut them some slack - for now. 

While the children were getting name tag help pastor Slater stepped into the aisle to ask if any of the rest of us had name stories. Hands shot up.

“I was named after my grandmother,” said one.

“Three generations of men in our family have the same initials,” said another. Different names, but the same initials. Hmm. That took some figuring.

One woman confessed that she’d been named after a brand of sardines a relative noticed while traveling abroad. DeNola. Sounds kind of fishy, doesn’t it? She’s a very nice lady.

I’ve been reading the Bible starting with Genesis and my stars – the names people had in the Old Testament. Ibsam, Shilshah, Rephaiah – yeah, names like that. What did they do? Toss cuneiform wedges into the air and whatever came out on the floor was your name? Maybe. One guy named Nichloaiah had about 120 kids by 80 wives. It got so confusing that friends and neighbors simply asked each kid, “Do you have a real name or just a Nic-name?” Okay, I made that up, but it could have happened.

By the time we got to the New Testament, things had dramatically changed. Peter, James and John are still with us today and much more likely to stay, I think. Well, unless you’re some gotta-get-my-name in the paper somehow Hollywood type. Then it’s back to the old wedges.

The only thing I’ve recently named is our cat, Sister Agnes, and any story I might happen to be working on. I wrack my brain for those story titles. Please notice the great detail I put into naming this blog post. Pretty cool, huh?

What have you named recently? A new recipe, your ranch, a tattoo, or disease? Think about it and let us know right here in this post with the complicated title. 

Have a Terrific Tuesday. 

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  1. I name everything and everyone (if I don't know them). I use to think it was because I was never blessed with children to name. Maybe that's why I like to write, to be able to give birth to characters and name them. But I also name things, like my red two-door Honda, Harlot (not a nice name, I suppose, but she's fast even though she'll be 16 in April and she still runs good!) My husband's green Jeep is Jeremiah (see, I do refer to the Old Testament now and then).

    My last cat was Pachelbel Canon and my present cat is Oliver Twist. I loved a squirrel once who loved me and would run up to me whenever he saw me outside or even in my window. I called him Sarafina until he stood up to beg for a nut and I realized "she" was a "he". He was then Serifene..

    I named all the sparrows that came to live in our two birdhouses with names that began with S until I ran out of names. Even birds that would often come to visit like Chadwick and Clarissa Cardinal (a lovely couple!)

    I name my Charlie Brown Christmas trees. Just had to say "goodbye" to Puny the day after the Epiphany. (I miss him so.)

    I even name this woman who struts down our streets often and shakes her caboose. Mona. I think my husband had a crush on her, but he got over it, thankfully.

    Thanks Sue for a blog that got me thinking of one of my many neurotic ways.

    1. I think your "neurotic" ways are wonderful! And the squirrel? Hilarious! Do keep naming things, Cindy. You have a gift!! Hugs.

  2. Funny stuff, Susan! The one thing about Bible names...at least they had vowels in 'em. That's not true just every old where. And then it gets really hard to say. :D

    What have I named recently? The recent "polar vortex" that blew through, I think I called it "arctic insanity." Which it certainly seemed at the time.

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Eww - I like "arctic insanity." Let's have no more of it! Happy Wednesday back!

  3. Rodney kindly brought some mouse traps and I caught Jerry. He came yesterday to reset the trap. Last night I caught Jerry's Uncle Joe. Wonder who'll show up tonight. Marion

    1. How funny, Marion. =0) Jerry and Joe - See them go. Sorry, couldn't help it. LOL