Friday, January 31, 2014

Water - A Few Random Thoughts

There was a woman, Ruth, who attended our church a while back who’d been a missionary / teacher in Tanzania, Africa. She was so interesting. We learned much from her as she spoke of her experiences in that country. One thing that stuck with me was how she never had a proper shower while she lived there. If I recall what they did to stay clean was sit on the floor near a drain and pour water over themselves. Unbelievable. And of course that got me thinking about water.

When our boys were young I’d get up early in the summertime and go out on the hill and work in the garden. When I was filth from head to toe I’d head back to the house and hop into a hot shower while they had their breakfast. On recalling that wonderful feeling of being washed clean, I have to tell you, it was just like being baptized. All the awful gets flooded away in this wonderful substance called water and out you come – a new creature. I know, I know, we’re only baptized once, but this was sort of like seeing a great movie over and over. Feels so good to do it again.

Water doesn’t just clean, it nourishes. Think of all the stuff you eat that has water as a component. A juicy apple or orange, a crisp head of lettuce, a frothy mug of beer. When I was a little girl living in Northern Minnesota there were ads for Hamm’s Beer. The jingle began, “From the land of sky blue waters . . .” A little bear danced while the virtues of the beer were extolled. That’s probably how I learned that Minnesota is called the land of ten thousand lakes. Lucky guy who got to count them.

Water has immense power. You just have to stand at the edge of Niagara Falls to understand that. Or any other falls you may be able to stand next to. We tap that power for electricity. Okay, not “we” but some genius who stood there and thought, how can I channel that roar into lighting my home and cooking my steak? Hmmm.

Water can be destructive, too. Russell Crowe stars in an upcoming movie titled, Noah. I’ll bet the writers and producers had to think about water A Lot for that flick. Can’t wait to see it. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll take liberties with the original story line. But, hey, that’s what Hollywood does, Jack (oh – sorry - channeling Si Robertson there for a minute). There’s also Katrina to remember – with a shiver.  

Soon the water that became snow will become rain all gathered in the water table just below the surface waiting for us to use in all the varied ways we need to for our very existence. Meanwhile I’m going to shower, kick back, plop down in my recliner (maybe with a beer) and pretend to like the Super Bowl this Sunday. And maybe I’ll try that new recipe I found for cheesy bacon potato bites with ranch dressing. Think that would go pretty good with beer? 

Have a Super weekend!

PS: Here’s a link to Ruth’s blog

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  1. Thanks for the link to Ruth's blogspot. A daughter of the couple I visited in Florida last year works with Wycliffe Translators in Papua, NG. They are preparing to come home on furlough in June, and even though her twins were born in the USA, they grew up (4 years old) in PNG, so this will be a foreign country to them. Mandy is now preparing them for the culture change.

    Someone posted on her Facebook page the following:
    Have you heard the story about the missionary mom from Africa who made sure her boys were all dressed like Americans when they stepped off the plane so they wouldn't be stared at. They get off the plane and are walking along and she notices how much smiling and (pleasant) attention they are getting, she turns around and her American dressed kids are all carrying their suitcases on their heads.

    I laugh when I think about it.

    1. Ruth is an amazing person and I was so glad for the short time she spent with us. Cute story from FB! LOL

  2. The water all around my property is beautiful right now, frozen into white as it is. But it is a little wearing, driving on our treacherous roads with so much "frozen water."

    Anyway. As a mother of four boys, I give thanks for the cleansing properties of water. I'm sure I don't have to elaborate. :D

    Happy Frozen Water Season, my friend.

    1. No elaboration necessary. Water is still my good buddy especially now with sticky grandkids! Happy FWS to you, too, Rhonda. =0)