Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another Peek

Monday’s survey results are in! Number ten was the all out winner – that being “all of the above”. I did have one request for more posts about writing so, in light of that and other considerations, I’ll do a combo of sorts and let you all have another sneak peek at my new Minnie Markwood story. This will be the third adventure for Minnie, Rashawna and Joel and the working title is The White Pizza Caper

Set up – Minnie has just come home from Bianco’s Pizza where she’s had lunch with Dan Horowitz and witnessed a shooting. She gave her report to an Officer Trumble and now all she wants to do is collapse into her recliner and chew on a Taffy Tail. But first this . . .

 The phone rang again.
     “Minnie, we won! The big jackpot! We won!”
     “And you sound excited about it, too,” I said. For the second time that night Rashawna’s voice blared forth, only this time into my ear. “Slow down and give me the details.” I heard scuffling, and Joel got on the line.
     “Minnie, sorry about that. This girl wants to tell the whole world we’ve got dough.”
     “What’s happening, Joel? Where exactly are you?” I strained to hear some indentifying background noises. Muffled voice and bell-like sounds came through.
     “Well, here’s the thing, see, we never quite made it to the Pocono’s.”
     “Oh? Joel, where are you?” I was in no mood for such foolishness. There was more tussling on the other end, and Rashawna re-claimed the phone.
     “Don’t worry, Minnie. We stopped at that racetrack in the Catskills just to look around and they have, like, this new video gaming. It was the video poker that did it. Three rows of big ol’ cherries. We won! We won!”
     “Rashawna,” I chided. “Settle down. Don’t let everybody in the place hear you.” There was gradual calming on her end, and I could hear her fighting for control. “Now tell me, how much did you win?”
     “Two thousand dollars,” she whispered. Then she started to giggle helplessly and hung up on me.

I’ve got about 10K words to go. I’m excited – like Rashawna – and will collapse into helpless giggles when that last word is laid down. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. There is no way you're not having fun with this book. :) Your fun-loving personality shines right through.


    1. Thank you, Rhonda. Means so much coming from you! Grinning.