Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Walkin'

My first solo walk of the spring happened last night. I’d decided right after supper to mop the floor in the kitchen (thank you Swiffer) and then donned my sneakers. A quick trip around the back road was just what the doctor ordered. Plus, when I came back I'd pretend the maid had just mopped that floor. Nice woman.

Anyway. Things on the road haven’t changed much. Although I did notice the goat sheds have been turned to rubble. Their owner has been gone for many years and someone finally got around to dismantling the wood from the make-do buildings where they sheltered. They used to come to the fence and baa-haa at me. No more.

The peepers were competing with the guy who had his chain saw out. I love it when the peepers start trilling in the swampy area in the woods. I applaud the guy with the chain say, too. Hey, if you don’t keep the undergrowth hacked back the next thing you know it’s on the back stoop looking at you like you’re breakfast. Zombies hide in undergrowth, too. They hate chain saws.

Daffodils are all over the place and forsythia is in full bloom. The yellow is so cheerful! As I rounded the first loop a woman and her dog were coming at me. Big white lab. I’m not afraid of dogs – especially labs and greeted this one with baby talk. She loved it and so did her mistress. I was allowed a  pat and a rub behind the ears (the dog’s not mine) before they went on their way.

By the second leg of the journey I was beginning to think I’d probably earned a small ice cream sundae. Big mistake. That scoop with chocolate sauce and whipped cream showed up on the scale this morning. Dang!

It’s so nice to have come out of a long cold winter and know my neighbors did too. The critters and peepers and birds are on the move. Two black ducks flew over as I walked. Green is sprigging on the trees or red if it’s the maples. I saw a robin bobbin and crunched a few leftover autumn leaves underfoot.

Yup, spring is here.  I’ll bet you’re loving it, too.

PS: Another harbinger of spring – deer ticks! Hubby plucked on from my leg this morning. Grrrrrr.


  1. Reading this post is another sign of spring that I have learned to love ~ Sue's walk. You make me laugh and smile and believe and hope in all that is good. Thank you, Sue!

    1. You are so welcome, dear Cindy! Just beware of those dang ticks!

  2. Spring is here too, and I am glad. Not ready yet for the heat of summer so am really enjoying sunny, warmish days and cool nights. Hope you get to take a walk again soon! And do me a favor and send the maid my way when she finishes with your house. I promise I will send her back.

    1. She doesn't come cheap, Karen. But I'll send her on. Have a super weekend!