Monday, April 20, 2015

BSP - Letters Than Mean Something

Okay, BSP, does not mean "letters that mean something". But we live in the age of the acronym, no? BSP means Blatant Self Promotion out there in the blogosphere. And in list serves, and on Facebook, Instagram and whatever new social  media is being developed by somebody’s good-for-nothing brother-in-law who can’t wait to say “HA!” to all his doubting relatives.

Here’s the deal. If you’re a writer you must constantly BSP yourself. Otherwise you will never be rich and famous. Actually, for me, forget famous. So far I’ve only been recognized in public once, in the liquor store, and I’m only just telling people about it now. Right here this minute. But I’ll take a crack at rich. Might not be any good at it, but I’ll try.  

Anyway, today for my blatant self promotion – and just in time for Mother’s Day – I’d like to highlight what some of my fans (there are four – maybe six) say about my books. I went to Amazon to paste and copy these if you don’t mind.

The Red Shoelace Killer

From Norma: A  really excellent read. The characters were charming and believable. There was enough mystery and suspense to hold my interest. I am anticipating my next adventure with Susan Sundwall.    4 **** (that’s stars not a cuss word – whew!)

The Super Bar Incident (right this minute on sale for $4.69!)

From Sharon: Here is another good read from Susan Sundwall’s Minnie Markwood series. Minnie outwits a local criminal and I laughed out loud at Rashawna’s antics. It was fun to discover more about Joel’s background and I was delighted to have Minnie start a romance as well. 5*****

Just A Little Romance (Bet you didn’t know about this one and only .99 – such a deal)

From Marion: If you have just a little time and enjoy a little romance, "Just A Little Romance" is for you. Four short stories and a few poems that can be read at bus stops, waiting rooms, or while resting between dreadful housecleaning jobs. Oh yes, you will find a bit of British flavor mixed in. 5*****  

Writers don’t really like BSP. But it’s just the way things are these days even for some big names. Well, probably Stephen King can stay home most days, but otherwise . . . it’s a tough slog for most of us. I promise I won’t do this too often – but books make great gifts. Isn’t that right fellow writers? And if you need a bookplate signed by me, do let me know.  

Thank you and God bless.

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