Monday, April 28, 2014

And now from the archives . . .

Several years ago I thought it would be great fun to gather family stories about food and put them into a booklet as a gift to family members at Christmas. It was a big hit and I thought you might enjoy reading a few of them.

From my sister Pam (who’s twin is Steph).

Steph and I were trying to make a cheesecake once, the kind you refrigerate, not bake, and the recipe called for powdered sugar. We didn’t know if you were supposed to pack the powdered sugar like you do with brown sugar, so of course we did, and it was terrible. The funny thing is (and this is the difference between the first born and last born) that Mom liked it and ate most of it. We didn’t even get into trouble! It was really awful though.

My brother, Tim, remembers.

I have a story about Popeye and a can of spinach I just had to have. After much pleading with Mom for a can of spinach, she opened it and let me have a bit. You guessed it; it wasn’t as appetizing as it was in the cartoon. Mom said, “You wanted it, now you eat it!” I think she made me eat just one mouthful.

Editor’s note: This probably happened the same year he hopped out of the tub and began singing “Mack the Knife” in our tiny bathroom on Thackeray Drive. When he wiggled a bit too close to the wall heater, his Bobby Darin impression earned him a little crosshatch burn on his butt. Quite a moment of high hilarity for his siblings.

And from Bill Silverstein our adopted family member.

I remember once when my mother was out of the house and I was about thirteen or fourteen years old and decided to make oatmeal cookies. So I took the box (remember the round box of Quaker Oats?) and followed the recipe on the back that used the entire box. I had cookies on cookie sheets, frying pans, pots, lids – everything I could find to bake them on. But the cookies were edible and ranged in size from a ½ inch to four inches. Boy! What a mess! Luckily my Mom didn’t kill me.   

Editor’s note: I, for one, am glad he didn’t mess with his Mom’s Honey Cake. THAT would have been a true sacrilege.


Have a super Monday everyone!



  1. My boys have many "luckily, my mom didn't kill me" moments. Yes, lucky for them, they all still live. :D

    Fun food stories, Susan!