Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Yes, Cats Can Tango

We’ve been having a bit of trouble with our ancient water heater. It was in the house when we moved in almost 35 years ago and has served us well, but, man the thing is old. John has been keeping it working, but yesterday when I was in the shower it occurred to me that it could blow at any moment. And then – because I simply can’t let a thought like that go – I wondered how quickly I could get my business done should the water turn to ice. I didn’t think it would right then, but I hurried up the scrub as the specter of facing the world with a head full of shampoo reared it’s bubbly head. And what about all those people trekking across the plains in wagon trains. How did they keep clean?

You know we’ve adopted a stray cat, Sister Agnes. But you’ll be surprised to discover, as I did, that she actually knows how to Tango. The other morning she broke out in high style accompanied by the insistent “meow” that lets me know she’s hungry. She rubbed my leg, I looked ‘round. I stepped to the left, she whipped her tail between my feet. I two stepped forward just as she went right, and before we knew it we were so “tango-ed” we seemed as one. Cat/Woman. EXCEPT. I stepped on her back paw, righted myself, and stepped on her tail, and then it all went south with a yowl that woke the neighbors. Agnes cried out, too. I apologized profusely for ruining the dance and vowed to sign us up for more lessons. Plus I gave her an extra cat treat.

Sitting on the porch with Sierra last week I noticed her pink cowgirl boots were on backwards. It both amuses and annoys me.

So I say, “Uh, oh. Your boots are on wrong.”

“I like it yat way.” She smiles.

“It makes you walk funny,” I say back. “But all little kids do that.” I’m trying to convince her, subtly, that big girls know better. Then I begin ticking off all of her older, wiser, cousins who had committed the same offense when they were small.

“It’s okay. Elaina and Anna did the same thing. And so did your sister, Melodi.” I smile thinking how wonderfully tolerant I am. And then. Little curly top, blued eyed, Miss looks up at me with a pixie in her eye and says,

“And you even did it.”

Bam! Caught out by a three year old.

The moral of these three vignettes?

Learn how to shower quickly ‘cuz you just never know when the water heater will turn traitor. Google “cleanliness along the trail with the Donner party.”  

Cat Tango lessons will probably be pricey, but worth it.

Kids listen and will often call you out, so watch your tongue.

What humbling lessons have you encountered lately?



  1. "Agnes cried out, too." Lol! And ha. :D Thanks for the day's grin.

    1. You are so very welcome, my funny and charming friend!