Friday, April 4, 2014

Out and About

Well, here I go again, noticing things. It’s all a matter of keeping your peepers open as you buzz around town. And it’s really easy if someone else is driving. Like last week when hubby (I guess I should call him by his name, huh?), John, and I had a few errands to run in Hudson. First stop was the Staples store. We had a coupon for copy paper and I needed #10 envelopes. As he loaded the trunk and took the cart back I noticed something odd on the roof of the bank building. Roughly ten seagulls were lined up right at the peak. All facing the same way, about six inches apart, and still as could be. And then I saw maybe six more on the pavement not too far from the car. Royalty on the roof overlooking the serfs on the ground. Fun stuff.

A few days later I was on my way home from a bank and post office run. We have a roundabout in our small business district and as I sat waiting my turn, my attention went to an old station wagon slowly coming around. Vintage 1980's, red, no hubcaps, back loaded with laundry (maybe), and bungeed to the car roof were two white barrels that looked to each hold 25 gallons or so. And they did. Sloshing around inside was some kind of clear liquid. Please don’t turn down my road, please don’t turn down my road, I prayed. They turned down my road. I followed at a good distance as I didn’t want the (I imagined) highly explosive material to un-bungee, come rocking and rolling my way, and send me to Kingdom Come. Although, from what I’ve been reading here Heaven is a pretty decent place. Arriving in a seismic KABOOM would be kind of cool. The guy did turn at the next corner, though, giving others a chance to meet their Maker - but only if their number was up. That's the way it works.  

Less spectacular things have also recently caught my attention. Like the flock of Starlings whose cheeping assaulted my ears as I walked out the door one morning. Please DO NOT POOP on my car I whispered. If you yell, it sets them off. Then you have to clean poop off of everything including your upturned face. I read a poop study once, though, and the stuff is supposed to clear up acne.  

The cat, Sister Agnes, and I shared a moment. We each had a deer tick in our fur – uh – mine was crawling down my neck. ICK! Had to scratch myself just now from thinking of it. I ran right out and got flea and tick stuff. For the cat, silly!

Do you have any little things to share with us today?



  1. A drive through an inner-city will break your heart. One day I saw a lady pulling a little red wagon - like my brother had as a kid. On the wagon was a bed mattress, of course much too big for the wagon. Was she moving to another apartment, one piece of furniture at a time?

    1. Perhaps, Marion. That would be the best case, huh?

  2. Noticing things is the way writers are naturally "wired." I noticed this was a lovely post. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  3. What Jennifer Brown Banks said. :D